The Joy of Colour


As those of you who know me, know that I love bright vibrant colours and I am one of the few people who just doesn't “do” black. I do not own a pair of black trousers, a little black dress - I maybe the only one?

I love colour and I personally feel it makes me feel so much happier, positive and cheerful when I see myself in the mirror and I am wearing colour. As I write this, I am wearing turquoise and blue yoga pants, an orange vest and a massive orange scarf around my neck. It is an incredibly dull, dreary day outside, the lights are needed on even mid morning.

I have an orange maxi dress that I love and I wore it recently to arrive on a yoga course in Spain and someone commented how much it suited me and how brave I was to wear it. I had also had similar comments at Stansted airport and in Seville about this dress.

It had never occurred to me that it took confidence to wear a bright colour. I just wear bright colours because I am attracted to them, I love them and they enhance my mood. When I am wearing cheerful colours, I find I am more positive, energised, uplifted and get more done. Dark colours make me want to fade into the background and hibernate.

I wonder if others feel the same?

On a slightly different note, many years ago, I ran a 10 week Self Development course (just 2 hours per week) and I was so fortunate that such a wonderfully diverse group turned up - with the age range from 26 to 93!! In fact, the 93 year old, Ralph was probably the most inspiring person there. At the beginning when I asked everyone to share why they were here, what they wanted out of the course, he stood up and said he wanted to change his life!! I totally admired him - he had so much spirit and taught all of us so much!!

During this course, some people wore very casual clothes, a couple wore very smart clothes, one even in a suit, some of the females were immaculately groomed with polished nails, immaculate makeup and hair, others were more au natural. But it became apparent that for everyone there, their clothes or make up was part of their “uniform” or part of their identity - they fitted the role they felt they played in life. So on week 9, I requested that everyone broke their pattern, that the very casual ones wore smart clothes, those who wore dark to wear bright clothes and so on... and it was so interesting! The dynamics of the group was so different and the group members fitted into a different way of operating and being simply by wearing different clothes. Although it was a generalisation, those that hid in the past, when wearing smarter or brighter clothes, appeared to be more confident or more assertive and those who perhaps had been rather formal, once wearing casual clothes, appeared to let their mask slip and were more authentic.

I found it fascinating.

So whilst I am a firm believer and lover of bright colours, I do have to ask myself - what is this saying about me and my aversion to dark clothes, what could I be hiding or avoiding?

So over the new few days, as you select the clothes you are wearing, especially the colours - I wonder, do you choose the colour to make you feel uplifted, energised, do you choose it to blend in and confirm, do you choose it simply because it is closest or do you choose it apparently at random but then your behaviour, perceptions and others perceptions of you change depending on the colour?

I love colour in the yoga studio and I jest that my mission is to clear the studio of black leggings, one pair at a time. I was delighted last Saturday, when I arrived for my early morning Sat session with my gorgeous Saturday morning ladies and we were all wearing beautifully different coloured leggings. I love diversity, difference and each of us being unique and shining our light… in loud leggings!!! :)