The Power of Joy and Fun


As some of you know I've been on an interesting journey over the last few months working on my new website. As part of that process, I asked quite a few of you, what you get from my classes, workshops and retreats.

(By the way if I haven't already thanked you, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback).

The things that came up frequently, were: creating a space for you to be you, inspiration, feeling nurtured and nourished, feeling challenged, a place to let go and… fun, laughter and joy. 

Fun? Laughter? Joy?  

Mmm… are we supposed to get that from yoga? Aren’t we supposed to be connecting to our true self, to consciousness and taking our attention inwards. I sat with this for a while, I was unsure - but it came up in so many reviews and testimonials.

One gorgeous lady wrote: “In Ally’s classes I have laughed until I have cried and cried until I have laughed.”

The judging part of me, wondered if I was being a real yoga teacher if I was having people laughing and even enjoying their yoga classes. It's really important to me to be real, to show up, be authentic and so the Allison that you see teaching a class, running a retreat or having a cup of tea in the cafe, chatting with friends is the same person. I'm absolutely passionate about the healing and transformational benefits of yoga, I'm amazed and in awe, on an almost daily basis of the power of yoga, I love deep, soul and heart searching conversations and books. I seek out community of like minded souls and at the same time I'm light-hearted. I'm genuinely a happy person, I do look for the beauty and joy in every day moments and experiences.

As I dived deeper into this, I wondered, are we in danger of being too grown up and too “sensible.” Just how busyness seems to be glamourised and in some social circles our worthiness can be tied up with how busy and stressed we are…. Do we feel we are being too frivolous or irresponsible if we laugh to much, if we are too lighthearted, if we look for joy in the every day?

So I'm embracing my teaching style that allows my gorgeous students to challenge theirselves, physically, mentally and emotionally, to find deeper spiritual truths and at the same time to be able to laugh and be light-hearted if that is the mood in the room….

So what if we were to commit to ourselves for 21 days for finding joy, lightheartedness and laughter at least once every day? Think about the beautiful joy you witness (and it is contagious) when you observe a small child or a puppy playing. As adults, let's connect back into that… and see how we feel.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this. Lets be joy!!