Dancing to the rhythm of our own drum


"The Wild Woman
Speaks with her own voice
Walks her path fiercely
Talks with grace and dignity
She dances to the rhythm of her own drum."
~ Wild Woman Sisterhood

Dancing to the rhythm of our own drum this quote a few days ago on a post from Wild Woman Sisterhood - it made me wonder, is everything so noisy now, and we’re all so busy, are we so tuned in to “out there”, do we even recognise the sound and beat of our drum, let alone be courageous enough to follow it.

I am passionate about being real and showing up and being who I am, and listening to the sound of my own drum, even when frequently it is out of tune with others around me.  

As a teenager and in my early twenties I felt incredible pressure to conform and be what was expected and I did it so well that I actually thought it was what I liked. It was probably only after my marriage broke down when I was 30, one of my long time friends - said: “Welcome back Allison, you changed and were not who you really are when you were married, it is great to see you back.”

Since that time and going on a long journey of self discovery it has been very important to me to show up and be real. It has its challenges and sometimes when we dare to be different and live our truth it can trigger other people who can do everything they can to put us back into the box they prefer to see us in.

So my top tips of how to quiet down the chatter and listen to your own rhythm and live life true to it:

  1. Come onto your yoga mat, breath deeply and connect to your centre.
  2. Do 5 rounds of surya namaskar, slowly and mindfully - keeping your awareness on your breath and your movement.
  3. Come back to a seated position.
  4. Take your hand to intention mudra (fingers interlinked but first two fingers pointing with the tips touching and connect back into your centre, manicure chakra.
  5. Feel your connection to your true self - that spark of energy that makes you unique and who you are.
  6. Visualise a time in the past, where you have genuinely experienced joy, gratitude, love at seeing someone or a favourite pet or being in an amazing place. Notice how this memory manifests in your body - where do you feel it? Are there any colours associated with it? What are the sensations?
  7. Now clear that memory and think of a time in the past, where it was appropriate for you to be pleasant towards someone but you did not like them. Or a time when you did something that went against your personal values. Again notice where and how you create this memory in your physical body. Notice the sensations.
  8. Now you have an internal kinaesthetic of knowing when something is matching the beat of your drum and when something is mismatching.
  9. Use this as your inner compass - the more you use it - the stronger it will become. For those of you who use a dowsing pendulum or muscle testing, it is the same principle - but you can do this anywhere.

Please let me know how you get on in the comments below...