Five days until Bali


I am so incredibly excited as my trip of a lifetime to Bali gets closer. It is just 5 days until I leave and I believe this will be a transformational trip and I am choosing to blog and share my experiences of my inner and outer journey to Bali.

I am attending a yoga retreat with the amazing Delamay Devi and will have 7 days immersion in my love of yoga. I can’t wait to be a student and to surrender to all I can learn about myself and life and love 

I am thrilled that at the last minute, a very good friend has also decided to join me on the retreat.

I will celebrate my 50th birthday whilst in Bali and I want to share some of my thoughts, insights etc as I approach this milestone birthday – as a sneak preview – so this is not where I thought I would be at 50 when I was “young” – but actually is this a much better place?

I am happy to confess that today, even though I am approaching 50, I am feeling the excitement of an exuberant 5 year old. I am not sure I ever remember feeling quite this excited.

I was divorced 19 years ago and outwardly have created a wonderful life for myself and my son. I am happy, I love where I live, am fortunate enough to do what I love everyday as my business (yoga) and I have many truly wonderful friends – yet I realise I have carried some ghosts with me for years and I now feel I have laid them to rest and finally ( yes I know I took my time) I feel ready to meet someone special! This fills me with excitement and nervousness in equal measure as I write this and dare to share it publicly.

I already eat healthily and I want to use this opportunity to change some habits, (i.e. drop the sugar) and am happy to share my trials and tribulations of this!! It is a “drug” that I fear I will find it hard to release!

I have felt for quite some time that I need to be deeply connected to the world, to people and feel that conscious connection and live consciously and authentically and dare to live my truth even if it is not quite “normal” for where I live!! I have made a promise to myself
to use this time to commit to living my truth.

I am also so excited to go out there and explore the world and I look forward to the inspiration, new adventures, love and joy that I intend to create.

I am well aware that this maybe a journey of laughter, tears, excitement, frustration, disappointment and awe and many more… and I hope you stay and join me for the journey!!