Soft, heart opening practice? Oh no!


So this morning, I sat as I usually do, drinking my hot water and lemon (and honey of course) and planned my classes for the day. My first class of the day was all school mums, and bearing in mind today was the start of the school holidays and possibly the last time these mums would have some “me” time for the next few weeks, I planned a soft, nurturing, nourishing class with a long savasana…

But once we all arrived for class, it soon became apparent that was not the place everyone was in – it was a feisty group of mums this morning, spirited, energised, and quite loud. (Ladies, you know I love you just how you are!!)… so it was one of those mornings of thinking on my feet… (or maybe on my head ) and changing the plan totally – tuning into the energy and going with what felt right rather than my beautifully planned class.

Instead, we enjoyed a fast paced, strong, dynamic fire practice, connecting into our sense of self, our inner fire, through manipura chakra. We connected to the strong feminine, we let go of what no longer served us, we made some noise and we smiled… just one more deep breath…

As I cleared up after the class, I reflected on how often we make plans, only to find that “things” are not how we imagined them to be and I wonder, when that happens, do we tightly hang on to what we planned and try to make everyone and everything fit into our idea of how things should be, or do we allow ourselves to be strong enough to let go of the plan – and go with the flow?

What new possibilities do we open ourselves to when we go with the flow? What inspiration do we allow in? Where do we end up?

We went with the flow today and by the end, we were certainly all glowing - not sweating you understand, we were glowing – Glowitheflow!!!