Special Birthday celebrations in Bali


I was most fortunate to celebrate my 50th Birthday whilst in Bali. I pondered and considered whether to go to Bali or to have a party with all of my lovely friends back home.

In the end, I decided to treat myself to a trip of a lifetime to the amazing Bali and as Delamay’s retreat spanned my birthday week, it seemed as if it was meant to be!

I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who felt like long time friends and to be practising my love of yoga in the most amazing surroundings, I truly was blissed out and I am still counting my blessings and look back on that trip with gratitude.

And, but Bali changed me… and I have felt unsettled since I have been back and have oscillated between my “old life” and seeking out experiences similar to Bali. More to come, but after Bali I feel I can no longer be a surface dweller… I crave the depth, the deep conversations, the transformation, the connection, and the laughter and playfulness I experienced in yoga.

My mission now, is how to create that here…