Top tips for staying connected to yourself

  • Take at least 15 mins to be by yourself each day and give yourself whatever it is you need - maybe a soak in the bath, maybe a short yoga practice.
  • Start and finish each day with gratitude.  Write down 3 things each morning and evening that you are truly grateful for.  Feel the feeling of gratitude as you write.
  • Ensure you spend some time each day outside in nature - even if it’s freezing or raining.  Connect to nature, feel connected to the sky and the earth.
  • Smile and laugh!  Notice what makes you feel happy and laugh and invite it into your life over the holiday period.
  • Spend some time connecting to your tribe - whether that is meeting in person, chatting on the phone or connecting via social media.  Reach out.
  • If you have oracle / wisdom / tarot / angel cards, ask the question of yourself, "how do I stay connected?" and draw a card each day with this intention and mediate on it's message to you.