Oracle Cards


Following on from my last blog post, a few of you have contacted me and asked me what Oracle cards I use or recommend and how I use them.  I have many sets of oracle cards and I feel drawn to different ones at different times.  My two current favourites are these two:

Soulful Woman Guidance cards - by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers

The Souls Journey Lesson cards - by James Van Praagh

The Soulful Woman cards are the ones I took on my recent retreat to Spain for the ladies to use and also, I have used these on my last two mini retreats - where each student has drawn a card and had it at the front of their mat for inspiration during the day.

How to use them.

Each time you buy or receive a new set of oracle cards, open them, browse through each card to become familiar with them, then shuffle them.

To do a simple reading for yourself - take a moment, close your eyes or turn inwards and then become aware of your intention of drawing a card today:

maybe there is a question you want to ask?

maybe you are looking for guidance?

maybe for inspiration?

or for validation that you are on the right path?

Once you are clear on your reason for puling a card, shuffle, and then choose a card that you are drawn to.  My favourite way of doing this is fan the cards out and choose the one I am drawn to - sometimes with my eyes open and pick the one my eyes are drawn to or with my eyes closed and pick the one my hand is drawn to.

Once you have selected the card, take some time taking in the image,  then read the words if there are any below it.  I would then suggest meditating on the meaning of this card to you, or go about your normal day, maybe doing yoga, driving, cleaning, working, walking - and notice what you become aware of in relation to this card or lesson.

You may choose to keep a journal and write in your journal the card you have drawn and how you interpret it.

Most of these oracle decks have a small book which gives the meaning to the card.  However, I would take some time to notice what meaning you give to the card and how it relates to your question or life right now.  We have so much information at our finger-tips it is easy to look outside of us for the answers, rather than building the trust and listening to the deep inner voice, our intuition.

Our intuition is like a muscle and if we haven't used it for a while it may take some time to build it up.

Be both lighthearted and deep with the messages in these cards.  There are no negative or "bad" cards and these 2 decks especially are great for beginners.