A new cycle begins


As we embrace the New Moon today and the New Year in a few days time, it is time to embrace the new cycle and set clear intentions of what we choose to invite in, to pay attention to and embrace in this new cycle.

As we are in a Capricorn New Moon it is a time to connect to what is real, connect to the earth element and use this as a transformational moon to release the maya (the veils of illusion) and commit to what is.

it is a time for us to review, rethink and revise the structure, expectations, commitments and contracts that we have - both material contracts and soul contracts.  What are we committing to and what is our soul purpose here on earth this lifetime.

We may notice an "itch" a sense that we are being called to be more of who we truly are, we notice a yearning to know more about our life purpose and who we are being called to be.  I think as things shake up globally, old structures are falling apart and we may find the courage to dive deeper, to let go of the limitations we may have put on ourselves about what is possible for us, and dare to be who we are born to be!

Now is the time to dig deep, to go on an archeological dig and discover our Truth!

Are you ready for the ride?

This new moon is also the energy of practicalities.  It is a good time to clear out the clutter, externally and internally - to make space for the new to come in and for us to have clarity on who and what is important to  us in the period ahead.

New Moon ritual.

Take some time today to sit in stillness and silence.  Ensure you sit with your spine straight and imagine roots from muladhara chakra (or your sitting bones) growing deep down in the centre of the earth.  Imagine these roots as a deep brick red colour and going deep into the centre of the earth.

Then connect to white light from the crown of your head all the way up to the sky above.

Connect into a beautiful golden globe at the centre of you (solar plexus or manipura chakra) and allow this to be the meeting place of the energy from the heavens and the earth.  Keep your focus on your centre and ask yourself the question.

"What am I now ready to release?"

Notice any answers that come to you, in words, phrases, colours, symbols or sounds.

Then ask yourself the question:

"What am I now ready to explore or embrace that takes me closer to my souls truth."

Again, notice any answers that come to you in whatever form.

Once you have finished make notes in your journal.

The time of the new moon is a time when we typically become more inward focussed and we may chose to have time alone.  Especially at this time of year it can be a good time to embrace the current trend of hygge and stay cosy indoors in front of the fire with a cup of herbal tea and a journal or book.

Honour yourself and your intentions.