An attitude of gratitude


As the new year approaches there is a lot of hype about setting intentions and creating the new year that we desire.  I love this process and think it is important but before we do that, let's take a moment to reflect on the year that is ending and be aware of what we are grateful for.  Even when times have been hard, and often especially when times have been hard, we have the opportunity for growth and integrating new and powerful lessons.  So before you start creating and envisioning what you desire for 2017, take some time to recognise the gifts from 2106.  To quote Rebekah Shaman, let's look for the blessing in the burden.

Find a quiet space and a large piece of blank paper and a favourite pen ( I never use conventional coloured pens, mine are usually turquoise, purple or pink), or multicoloured pens, crayons or pencils and start to write down or draw all the gifts of 2016 and what you have to be grateful is fine if you fill up the large piece of paper and need more! :)

Start with the basics, that many of us take for granted, but are luxuries in other parts of the world. clean running water, a roof over our heads, friends, family, fresh air to breath, freedom of speech, the ability to read and write and so on.......then continue.

On my recent course with Alessandra, we started every day with a gratitude prayer.  I loved this practise and you may wish to adopt a similar one.  Write a prayer for each day for 5 days, connecting with the 5 elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether.

So as I end 2016 these are some of the many things I am grateful for in 2016:  my wonderful son George, my teachers, especially Delamay and Alessandra, the sun that rises every day, yoga, movement, Bali, India, Greece, my health, my wonderful friends, family and students, my books and my enjoyment and passion for learning, flip flops, colourful handbags and clothes, my little purple car that gets me around, chocolate, avocados, real coconut water.

My lessons from 2016 (and ongoing) have been:

  • learning to trust that inner voice inside
  • when everything seems to be falling apart, to trust that it is breaking down ready for the new to emerge
  • being brave and stepping outside my comfort zone and doing new things.
  • that it's Ok to ask for help (ouch a biggie for me)
  • to act on my gut instinct

I would love to hear what you are grateful for and what lessons you have gained from this year.

Love Ally xx