Follow your bliss

As some of you know I love the work of Joseph Campbell and The Hero's Journey and following our bliss.  I was reading an amazing book by Diana Cooper (more to come about that) on the plane on the way home from my retreat in Spain and It a sentence in there reminded me of this phrase:

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Whilst my life is not without its challenges, I feel incredibly lucky that I absolutely love the work that I do, and I do feel that I'm following my bliss.  There is a saying that when we do what we love, it doesn't feel like work and I'm blessed to have that.  However, it hasn't always been the case.  I worked in the City for many years and whilst I really enjoyed it, and I was there in the heyday of the 80's, upon reflection I had to work hard to be this persona that I was expected to be (or I felt I was expected to be) to fit into that role.  Whereas with what I do now, I can just show up and be 100% me all the time!! Can you do the same?  

It has been a journey and each step I have taken along the path has taken me a step closer to following my bliss.  My first training after the city was as a Hypnotherapist and whilst I loved it, it was not quite following my bliss - almost but not quite!  Each subsequent training, experience, book, learning, challenge has taken me closer.....after this I did all of my NLP Training - almost there, then Archetypes and Coaching - getting closer - then yoga - 99.9% there......along the way I have integrated the bits that have resonated with me personally and let go of those bits that haven't.  Even those things that we do that we realise, oh dear - that is definitely not me - takes us closer to being who we really are. So to follow our bliss, we don't need to know the answer straight away - it is a fun, interesting, rewarding and juicy journey of discovery.

It is easy to get frozen into having to know the final destination and if we don't know that, then not making any changes. 

So as this new year gets underway and under the influence of the Full Moon today, and the Cancer energy - let's take this opportunity to notice where (if any) there is any dissonance between your truth, your soul purpose and the life you lead every day.

If there is......follow these simple steps towards transformation and wholeness

  1. What is one small thing I can start doing (or being) today that takes me closer to my souls truth.
    1. A few suggestions:
      1. committing to a regular exercise or yoga schedule,
      2. reading the positive books that support you, it
      3. start drawing, dancing, creating something.
      4. spending time outside in nature every day
      5. starting a meditation practise
      6. volunteering
      7. investigating courses or online seminars in an area of interest
  2. What is one small thing I can stop doing today that takes me closer to my souls truth:
    1. A few suggestions:
      1. Stop using food or alcohol as an anaesthesia and instead examining how we really feel.
      2. Stop hanging around with negative  / gossipy people
      3. Notice our internal dialogue and if it is not positive, change it - imagine we are speaking to the person (or animal) we love the most.
  3. What did I love to do when I was a chid?  What were the things I enjoyed?
  4. Find a mentor - someone you look up to and admire and who is following their bliss.  It maybe a real person that you can connect with, it could be a blog writer or someone on Facebook who has similar values and dreams to your soul.  Follow that person, read what they write and do the exercises.  It can also be a fictional character, or a famous person from history - such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa, David Bowie or Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.
  5. Commit to spending some time alone and getting to know who you are.....


I will write more on this on the Archetypes series coming up, but Carl Jung says that when we are born, we are born perfect and whole and then through life and the experiences we have, the choices we make and what we make things mean - by the time we're about 38 to 45 years old (but it is getting younger) we have turned a full 180 degrees away from who we this time we reflect.  (It used to be called a mid life crisis) and we start to re-integrate and bring back in, all of those parts of us that we have discarded as we move once again towards fullness.

Life is short, wear your party dress (pants / yoga leggings) - Be who you are born to be and sparkle!!
— Allison :)





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