Archetypes? Who am I?


So what are archetypes and how can we apply them practically to help us on our journey through life?

An Archetype is an energy pattern, an imprint, that goes beyond words, cultures, language, time and space!! How amazing is that?  What that actually means is that if an Archetype is active within us, and we meet someone, even if we can't speak the same language and have a completely different culture, we can resonate with them if they also have the same archetype running in their neurology.  It is also why we can find someone irritates us, when rationally we can think of no reason why they should.

So how can this be used?  It can be used as a tool for self or soul development for us to explore all of who we are and move towards completeness.  We all have different "parts" of us and at an early age, we would have decided, for example - to be a "good girl" - so we embrace that part of us, and put the "naughty girl" in the shadow.  We continue doing this - splitting off into what is acceptable and what is not - until we reach a certain age, (maybe 35 to 40) when we realise we have turned a full 180 degrees away from who we are and we spend the next part our lives trying to re-integrate those parts of us that we disowned. 

If there is a part that we vehemently deny and / or disown - that part has incredible power over us and affects our behaviour, decisions, choices, (albeit unconsciously).  Once we welcome that part back in, it no longer has the power over us. 

There are an infinite number of archetypes but in these next few blogs, I will work with a model of 12 first developed by Carol Pearson.  However, I am also integrating these into movement patterns and yoga and I am creating a new program for women to connect to the feminine archetypes that appear and become more dominant at different stages of our life.

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The 12 archetypes I am working with are:

  • Innocent and Orphan
  • Warrior and Caregiver
  • Lover and Seeker
  • Destroyer and Creator
  • Magician and Ruler
  • Sage and Jester

The first 4 - the innocent, orphan, warrior and caregiver are the EGO archetypes

The next 4 - the lover, seeker, destroyer and creator are the SOUL archetypes

The next 4 - the magician, ruler, sage and jester are the SELF archetypes

Each archetype appears as a pair and they complement and challenge each other, each archetype can come into its maturity at different stages of our life and each archetype can be an ally as we embark on our Hero's Journey - or not!  As an example, if our seeker archetype is weak, suppressed, or we feel the need to "toe the line." If we worry too much "what will people think", then we can ignore the itch of our soul when it is telling us it is time to cross the threshold and go on a journey - (it can be a physical journey or an inner journey).  When we consistently ignore that nudging - we can create situations or dis-ease.

For most people if I was to ask you - who are you?  And I want an answer that doesn't include your name, your job title, your business, your role in a family or what you look are likely to be stumped and cannot answer.  Archetypes gives us a language to recognise who we truly are.

Archetype also play a massive part in branding and business logos.  As an example, a luxury brand of champagne is pure Lover Archetype, the packaging, logo, marketing etc will all be around love, pleasure, feeling fabulous, luxury.  

I look forward to going on this journey with you - we will start next week by diving deeper into the Innocent Archetype.

Please let me know if you are joining me.

Allison xx