Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart


I have just returned from running my "Allow Your Inner Light to Shine" retreat at the stunningly beautiful In Sabina retreat centre in the Sabine Hills near Rome in Italy.  I was blessed to have such a wonderful group of yoginis who joined me for this week.  As well as twice daily yoga practice, we have enjoyed glorious sunshine, beautiful open spaces in nature, deep conversations, laughter, transformation and have risen to the challenges we have set ourselves.  We have done all of this whilst being nurtured and nourished by the beauty of nature around us and the delicious food we have been served at every meal....... ( I want to be back there now - anyone else?)

On the last day I started reading another of Brene Browns books - "Braving the Wilderness" - the quest for true belonging and courage to stand alone.  This is a subject close to my heart and one I am diving into right now with my research for my next project on Archetypes.

There are so many gems in this book; I recommend reading it for yourself.

However, 3 short sentences really stood out for me and what I am working on right now.

Strong Back.

Soft Front.

Wild Heart.

I LOVE this......and if we lived by this - what a wonderful prescription for a way of living our life?  If as empowered women, we adopted this simple philosophy for life; I wonder how we would be?

When we have experienced things in life that have caused us to put on our armour, we become strong.  As long as we know when and with whom to put it on and take it off, we can fully embrace and experience life, but when we put this armour on and keep it on and do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable, then this becomes our prison and means that what we experience in life becomes more and more restricted and narrow.

If we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, soft belly....then we can allow ourselves to fully experience the full range of human emotions, joy, love, excitement, as well as fear, worry or grief.  I wonder - where do you protect yourself and where do you allow yourself to feel?  What would happen if you allowed yourself the soft front - or as I like to think of it - soft belly.  When we are strong around the front and the back, this armour can restrict our breathing and when we don't allow ourselves to fully breathe, so we don't allow ourselves to fully live.  Would you rather protect yourself so much from what you deem to be negative emotions that you don't allow yourself to fully feel anything, or are you strong enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable?

Oh a wild, untamed heart.  What does that phrase say to you - does it excite you and do you yearn for the wild, even if it is unknown, or are you afraid and need to control what is allowed into that beautiful heart of yours?  I love the yoga pose Wild Thing and when I am practising that pose, it allows me to feel free, wild, and open to free abandon.  I wonder what yoga pose, or movement or place in nature gives you that sense of having a wild free heart?  Do you recognise it or do you keep yourself so safe....

Let me know gorgeous is your Wild and wonderful heart?  

I have used this photo as someone sent it to me and said you look so happy here.....yes I am.  Leading a retreat of fabulous ladies, in the most beautiful surroundings, the sunshine, delicious food, sharing yoga, being in nature and embracing the opportunity for growth......these ingredients allow me to embrace and feed my wild heart - what about you?

If you would like to experience more about the different aspects of your feminine nature, then join me for one of the last few spaces remaining for my Awakening Shakti mini retreat on Sat 28th October.



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