On giving up chocolate!!!


So I have decided to give up chocolate for November!!  For those of you who know me, this is massive!  I love my chocolate and it is always a treat for me at the end of a busy day.  I love good quality chocolate, Doisy and Dam is my favourite brand at the moment.  

However, I have noticed that this end of the day treat to myself has become a treat before class, after class, inbetween class and I am eating far too much chocolate.  So I have decided to stop eating chocolate for November - not as a way of depriving myself like a diet - but as an act of self-discipline.  (There is nothing wrong with good quality chocolate and cacao and in fact it could even be seen as a super food - it is high in magnesium for one thing)

Actually, I will be clearer - I am stopping buying chocolate.  So I will no longer have chocolate at home, but if I am out for dinner and I am served a dessert with chocolate or cacao then I will indulge and enjoy - but I am wanting to break the habit of always having chocolate in the fridge at home as my essential treat after dinner.

I may go back to having chocolate in the fridge again from time to time, but I want to break the pattern of always having to have it there.

I'm choosing to see this as a spiritual practice.  If I have a habit of taking the easy path (and reaching for chocolate), I want to change that pattern and cultivate tapas - or right action.

In order to cultivate Tapas we need willpower. Not desire or intention but an unbreakable will that generates force and action. Desires or intentions without will force are nothing but impotent wishes. Will on the other hand, creates energy and requires that we employ it in constructive, focussed ways. It is the link between positive thought and actual manifestation.
— Jennie Lee, True Yoga

Our willpower is one of our greatest assets towards change and transformation.  If we push through on something disconnected from our heart, then it is our ego pushing something through but if we are connected and use our willpower, then we are agents for heart centred change in our life!

This may sound rather a long way from just "giving up" chocolate for a month - but this is how I am choosing to see it. If I can use self discipline to change this pattern, and put all of my energy into creating my vision, I am being really clear on what I am envisioning and I am showing up and willing to combine this with heart centred action and willpower to move towards this.  If tapas is right action, I am building the controlled fire of transformation.

Who fancies joining me? Let's be accountable.  Not like a diet group.  ( I hate those kind of things and sorry if I upset anyone but I find diet conversations boring). I mean who is joining me in heart-centred self discipline.  If you are - put your  hand up in the comments below and share where you are exercising your willpower.