10 reasons to go on a retreat

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I love running retreats.  As part of the journey during a retreat, we dive deeper, and we come face to face with truths and parts of ourselves that maybe we have been hiding from, avoiding or don't even recognise.  If we experience this in a class setting, we can push it down again and continue avoiding.  However, in a retreat, away from our everyday obligations....we have the time and space to allow it to surface and transform, grow and be empowered by it.

I do what I do, as I love seeing people transform and creating the fertile soil to allow that to happen.  Often after a retreat I receive messages from the lovely ladies who have joined me saying they have left a job they weren't enjoying, or they have signed up for a course, changed careers, left a relationship that wasn't serving them etc.  Equally.....others come on a retreat thinking they may be wanting to leave their job, their husband, move to another country etc....and then once they have done the inner work and come face to face with themselves, they realise that until they change their belief system (i.e. allow themselves to feel worthy, empowered, that it is OK to say no etc), then the things on the outside won't change or once they have changed their inner world, they no longer need to make those changes on the outside.

So why would you chose to go on a retreat?

1) Time away from your usual environment.  

When we step away from what is normal and routine to us, and take ourselves to a different location without our usual to do lists, it gives us an opportunity to reassess our life from a different perspective.  With distance and space, we see the situation more objectively.

2) You are tired or exhausted and you need a break.

I was chatting with a fellow yoga teacher this morning and we were discussing the glorification of busy and how there is almost a secret "womens club" where we are only validated if we are super busy and super stressed.  So on retreat, we can break that pattern, and allow ourselves to be indulgent and switch off from feeling the need to be busy the whole time.

On a recent retreat, I loved the indulgence of having a lovely soak in the bath in the middle of the day!  As we return to our normal life, we can choose to leave behind some of those (unrealistic) expectations we put on ourselves.

3) You would love to connect with a tribe of like minded ladies who are both like you and different from you.

One of the things I value most as a participant and as a leader of a retreat are the wonderful new connections with people from all over the world who have had different life experiences.  When we are on retreat, we tend to have deeper conversations with our fellow retreaters and share things from our heart that we may not have shared with our closest friends. I love how we are so different, yet there is usually a common thread that sews us all together too.

I love how the conversations spread across different ages groups, cultures, religions, professions and how much richer we are from this.

4). You have a yearning for a deeper sense of meaning in your life.

I believe that at some stage in our lives we all have a yearning for more meaning in our life and question "Who am i?". "Why am I here?"  For some people they ignore this and try changing things or buying things to avoid this feeling.  For others.....this yearning is deeper and they want to explore these questions.  On my retreats, I feel it is important to find that deeper meaning and then see how we can honour that in our "normal" life back home.  

5). You would love to dive deeper into your yoga or meditation practice.

On a retreat, where typically we will practise yoga twice daily and meditation at least daily, we start to notice the cumulative benefits to our mind, body and spirit.  My hope is that after a retreat, my clients take away some of the practices and integrate them into their every day life back home.....so rather than yoga being a class they "go to" once a week, it becomes part of their life.  Maybe you are keen to benefit from a body that is strong yet flexible and to notice how a regular physical practice benefits us in lots of ways - from better sleep, better digestions, less stress - or even a better sex life!

6) You want to understand yoga beyond the asana (physical practice).

Asana, or the poses in yoga are just a small part of yoga, (just 1 of the eight limbs). Maybe you have attended class for a while and are intrigued and interested how a hip opening class makes you feel emotional, or you notice you are less reactive than you used to be, or you're noticing the benefits of relaxation stretching out to all areas of your life.

7)  You would love to travel to new places in the world.

Maybe you have a place you would love to visit, but it is of no interest to your partner or friends.  By joining a retreat, you can choose your location and know you will be surrounded by like-minded ladies.

8) You love your food.

I can't speak for all yoga retreats, but on the ones I run and the ones I choose to go on - delicious yet healthy food is a non-negotiable. I absolutely love my food and I really do believe that food is our medicine.  On a retreat, one of the wonderfully indulgent parts is to have food prepared and cooked for you, with love.  It is such a treat to eat wonderful food, with new friends without having to shop for it, plan menus, think about it and prepare it.  I find I always leave a retreat with inspiration about different menus or combining ingredients in a different way.

9) You want a holiday where you return feeling nourished.

Sometimes we can go on holiday and return more exhausted than when we went, or in need of a detox or a healthy boost. Instead on a retreat, have a wonderfully relaxing time and return feeling really healthy and connected into your self.

10) You want to laugh......

I believe we learn and transform best when we enjoy ourselves.  I love the deep and meaningful conversations and I also believe that we can make massive changes, embrace transformation whilst having fun. On my retreats, there is often a healthy helping of laughter!!  Deep spiritual work does not  need to be all serious!

After a recent retreat, one of my ladies said:  ".....you can drop in for an amazing stretch or a life changing experience to something in between.  I have laughed until I've cried and I cried until I've laughed again."

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