How do you make major life decisions?

2016-04-13 23.43.55.jpg

So when I make a big scary decision....when I step outside of my comfort zone.....I get a feeling in my belly that is sometimes hard to distinguish between fear and excitement. I often say they are different sides of the same coin! I have been having these feelings lately......and I have found that the answers are always in my body when I tune in!

So instead of making big decisions based on what is sensible, logical, makes sense to others - I make my biggest decisions on gut feelings, intuition or these intense butterflies in my belly. When I ignore these and go for logic, I regret my decisions. When I honour them and go for it, these intuitions are always right.

But.....there is a scary path initially. It is not an easy road....there are road blocks, I cannot see the destination and sometimes not even the path directly in front of me......but finally I am trusting and once I have made that decision......when I find resistance, blocks, obstacles, I am seeing them as something to overcome but staying strong in my vision!! 

Making BIG decisions this month!! Who is with me? 

Please share - how do you know when a decision is right for you? Are you courageous enough to trust your inner guidance system or do you turn to others?  Either "others" for a logical decision, or looking to the "stars" or a guru to give you advice.

I am not knocking any of these - and it is wise to seek the wisdom of others and look for signs that you are on the right path.....but ultimately we have to make our own decisions and do what is right for that spark of energy inside of us that says YES to life!

I have an exciting spark of energy on this Monday morning. Do you? 

Share ladies....what is that feeling, what are you changing? What are you being brave enough to invite in or risk?