Intuition. Trust. Action.


How often do you listen to your intuition, trust it and then take action?

In my experience of working with coaching clients and my own journey over the years, often one of those elements is missing and then we wonder why we are not getting the results we desire.

Here are my top tips for making decisions that are in alignment with your truth.

1) Intuition.

How often do you listen to your intuition?  I was listening to an interesting talk by Caroline Myss as I was driving last week and I found what she was saying was really interesting.  She said we all have very clear messages from our intuition, but frequently we ignore it - if the message is not something we want to hear or it will be a challenging situation.  She was using the example of our intuition telling us to leave a job or a relationship....but as that would mean upheaval and possibly upsetting people, we chose to ignore that message and put it down again.  But we may listen to our intuition on other smaller things that do not cause such a big change in our lives.  However, when we ignore our intuition, the messages often get louder and more dramatic until we have no other choice but to listen.

2) Trust.

Do you like being in control?  Come on admit it, most of us do!  However, when it comes to big decisions, transformation and personal growth, it often means taking a leap of faith without knowing what will happen next.  If we are on the journey of personal and spiritual growth, if we make a decision, choice or change and we already know what the next step is, then there is no opportunity for growth for us.  When we don't know - it means we have to grow and explore to create the next step in our personal evolvement.  So, be OK with not knowing, and have faith that the next step will be revealed to you when you listen to your intuition.  

3) Take Action.

We need to find the balance between relinquishing control and taking consistent action in the direction of our goals and visions.  Ideas, intuition, faith, trust are all essential elements of following our truth and vision but it all remains as "just" ideas and interesting conversations unless we actually take action - inspired action from our intuition.

I love the discussions about the spiritual, about energy anatomy, creation, manifestation etc.....but I also get frustrated when I meet people who talk the talk but don't actually take action and follow through.

So at this New Moon - let's take the challenge and do the following:

  • Think or meditate on what you would like to create or invite in for the month ahead.  Get really clear.
  • Tune in and listen to your intuition.
  • Relinquish control and trust.
  • Take inspired action.

Why not step up and be seen and post your intention and your action on the private Facebook group?  Be courageous, be seen and state your intention!!  It is powerful. And post your inspired action and your results.

If you are new to this, you can start with something small or you may choose to dive straight in with a really big one!

If you would like some help with this and would like to start the new year in a healthy and positive way, then join me for one of my 2 last minute spaces to Suryalila, Spain - 3rd to 6th January.  Start the year with sunshine, blue skies, empowering yoga and positive intentions.

Allison xx