The Warrior Archetype


The next archetype we meet is still within the ego four (innocent, orphan, warrior, caregiver) but we now move onto one of the parent archetypes, the Warrior.

The Warrior within each of us calls us to have courage, strength and integrity; the capacity to make goals and stick to them; and the ability to fight when necessary, for ourselves or others.
— Carol Pearson

The warrior archetype is where will find the inner and / or the outer strength to know what is important to us and to fight for that cause, whether that is literally or metaphorically.

The gifts of the Warrior are:  discipline, courage, determination, skill.  The warrior will want to have the prowess in its chosen area and wants to learn more skills.  

The goal is simply: To win......(whatever it sets out to achieve)

The fear of the warrior is weakness.

The task of the Warrior is to assert oneself and fight for what matters.

We may meet the warrior in sports teams and the competitive attitude towards winning, we may see him / her in the workplace, working hard for promotion, or playing political games to ensure he / she comes out on top.  We frequently see different levels of the warrior at play in politics and especially right now it is an interesting time to look at politicians and look at their dominant archetype and wonder at what level they are operating.

We can see the warrior in mothers or fathers who are fiercely protective of their child and do whatever it takes to protect them.  We can also see the warrior in the young apprentice who is learning new skills and refining those skills to be the best that he or she can be, and to break free of a negative familial pattern.

As with all the archetypes there are different levels that we can operate from - and even if we spend some time operating out of a higher level, there is always the risk that when we are less than resourceful we can slip to the lower levels.  So if warrior is high in your profile and you operate with a lot of warrior energy, be aware of the people or situations who are your triggers and when you interact with them, you could find yourself sliding towards a lower level.

At  the highest level the warrior has the ability and desire to create win / win solutions through clear, honest communication.  However a warrior operating at the lower level will be mercenary, ruthless and have an obsessive need to win at all costs.

Next week we will meet the Caregiver archetype.