Go with the flow


As we move into the Pisces New Moon, it is a perfect time to consider "Going with the flow." For those of you who attend my classes and workshops regularly, you know that I often speak about going with the flow, and to wonder what happens if we relinquish the need to be in control and surrender - gulp - scary word eh? Yes to surrender, and trust and then go with the flow.

I am not talking about living our days, months and life all airy fairy with no direction, and just going with the flow, and perhaps being carried along with the tide and just following everyone else. That is taking no responsibility for our lives and being dependant on others for our happiness and blaming others for our unhappiness.That is not what I am talking about.  That is where the quote:  "Only dead fish go with the flow" would fit in.

I am talking about "going with the flow," in a grounded, centred way, taking full responsibility for our life and happiness - and listening to our intuition, our wise inner knowing and noticing where there are signs and synchronicity.  As most of you know, I do not like surface dwelling; I am excited, enthused and inspired by depth, by the spiritual, by the unknown, I love deep conversations and wondering about the universe, the world, people, energy - and I love a big dollop of laughter and good humour balanced in with it and it needs to be grounded.

I am a single mum, (even though my son is now a young man), I have always worked, every day (apart from some Sundays) I have to get up and work, I am solely responsible for paying my bills, and dealing with all the stuff that we have to do to live in this world.  I have my responsibilities and commitments and I inhabit in the real world. ( I like living here, it is fun!!)  So I am not interested in New Age stuff that is either complete fluff or so out of touch with reality that it is only achievable if we were living on a mountain top in the Himalayas.  I am passionate about spirituality and the laws of the universe and philosophy and life lessons where it is integrated with real life. i.e. the things we can change, adopt, integrate, experiment with, whilst still paying the rent, turning up on time for work, getting the kids to school and cooking supper.

So what do I mean by going with the flow?  Here is my simple recipe  ( I do have a more detailed one too!! :):

1) Be grounded - be connected into your physical body and the world we live in.

2) Be present - be here in the present moment - noticing the sensations around and within you - (i.e. the temperature of the air on your skin, the colour of the sky and the feeling in your tummy, chest, hips.

3) Take a seat in your centre.  Connect to your power place and be at home there.  This is in our centre, our manipura chakra - just about the navel.

4) Then ask yourself - what is my intention? what is my journey? what would I love to create or manifest? how do I see myself being? what is my dream?

5) Be really, really clear on this - once you have it, write it down.

6) Then let go of it, (let go of the HOW) BUT stay connected to yourself, to the earth beneath you, the sky above you and notice any signs, notice synchronicity, notice patterns, notice words or numbers you keep seeing, noticing a name or a place that you hear several times.....look for the signs - and follow them.

7) Take full responsibility for yourself and your life and your happiness.

This is what I mean by going with the flow - set your destination from a grounded, centred place, let go, then go with the flow to reach it.

Our biggest obstacle (and I am most definitely a work in progress on this) is our mind and over thinking.  Stop thinking, start feeling and sensing.....

I would LOVE to know how you get on with this and if this resonates with you.

Can you allow yourself to surrender and go with the flow?

You CAN!!  Will you allow yourself to do so???

Love Allison