Embracing Change


Yesterday, 18th March was my sons 21st Birthday.  He had a wonderful celebration with his school and uni friends on Friday and we had a lovely family celebration yesterday.  I am very proud of the lovely young man he has grown into and over this weekend I have found my mind and emotions wandering back over the last 21 years, wondering where on earth those years have gone and reflecting on some of the milestones:  first steps, first tooth, starting school, first sports day, public exams, first suit, leaving school, moving away to Uni etc....as well as the "normal" every day things like grazed knees, laughter and giggling!

Yesterday was another milestone - at 21 - whilst George will always remain my son (and my only child); I am coming to terms with the fact that my son is no longer a child.  At 21, he is now a fully fledged adult!!

I am a single mum and have brought George up alone.  We have had the usual trials and tribulations, however, mainly it has been a journey of immense joy and I feel so fortunate to be blessed with him as son.  I found it hard when he left school and went away to Uni and I was very grateful at that time for my friends who gathered around to support me and for my business and passion that I was able to divert my energy towards.  And of course, yoga!!

As I reflect I think about this as another phase for both of us - we are both still on the journey of life, living, exploring, learning, experiencing......but his journey is no longer as intertwined with mine as before.  

I am reflecting on the lesson of loving, letting go and embracing change.  When something is really good, it is tempting to grasp onto it and try to keep it as it is.  I think we can all look back on amazing times and phases in our life and wish it could continue.  But if we try to do this, we are keeping ourselves (and possibly others) stuck and not allowing growth.

I am wondering - what is your attitude to change?  

Do you love stability and every thing being the same, knowing where people are, knowing your schedule and planning in advance?  Do you resist change, wanting everything to stay as it is, even if you know it is no longer serving you or others?

Or do you dislike sameness and routine and look for change?  Maybe you need variety and change in your routine to keep you inspired and motivated?  Do you desire change so much that you are always slightly dissatisfied, thinking that elusive "something" is round  the corner and things will be better, when you do, have or be that "thing?'

Or do you have a balanced attitude towards change?   Do you allow yourself to create or embrace change to ensure that you are always growing and learning and at the same time, enjoying the moment and feeling satisfied and fulfilled?

Todays top tips for embracing change:

1) Choose one area of your life that would benefit from change.

2) In that one area, what do you need to let go of so that you have space for change? (What habit, way of being, material thing, relationship, conversation, location) causes you to be stuck?

3) Is there anything that prevents you from doing so?

4) Really?  Check in, is this really true or is it just habit or an excuse?

5) Having let go of that, be comfortable for a short amount of time with the void.....and.....become aware of what you would like to invite in, or change that is in alignment with the authentic you and what is next on your path?  Get really clear.

6) How will this serve you and others around you?

7) Make the change or set the conditions to allow it to come in......

8) Celebrate.

Lastly - you may want to ask yourself these questions:

What will happen if I make these changes?

What will happen if I don't make these changes?

What won't happen if I make these changes?

What won't happen if I don't make these changes?

I would love to hear your responses..........