The Destroyer


The next Archetype we meet in this series is The Destroyer.  It is another of the soul archetypes (those that give meaning to our life) and is partnered with The Creator (coming next).

The Destroyer is central to metamorphosis and often strikes people in the prime of life who have a fully developed identity and a belief in their ability to cope.
— Carol Pearson

When I am working with coaching clients with this model of Archetypes, this is not one of the "sexy" archetypes that clients are looking forward to working with.  It could be compared to the Tower card in the tarot.  However, this archetype is the one that starts the transformation process and gives us the courage to let go of what no longer serves us in order to create and allow in the new.  So often, we want to be able to see what is next, or we have ideas for what we would like to create or envision next but we are not willing to let go of what no longer serves us.....or the status quo - until we can be assured of the new.  Life works better when we trust and we let go, without being assured of what is next, so that we have the freedom, space and clarity to better decide what is good for us, and what will serve us fully in the next stage of our wonderful life journey.

We can see the reluctant destroyer playing out when one person knows that a relationship is no longer working for them but they will not leave until they can see the new one that they will replace it with.  When we do this, we can jump into a new relationship that is keeping us stuck, either we find someone similar to the last one (in the unconscious hope that they will be better / different from the old one - yet we are re-creating the same patterns), or we go for someone who is the complete opposite.  But this is just a reaction and does not indicate a healed place.  If instead we let go and spend time alone, healing that pattern inside of us, or learning more about ourselves, we go into the next relationship from a clear space and will create a different dynamic.

A reluctant destroyer can also show up in someone who is emotionally or physically constipated!!  it shows up in the life of the hoarder, or the person who collects followers on instagram or friends on Facebook - just for the sake of having "more" not quality.

When we own the destroyer energy and it is balanced it allows us to use discernment to let go of what no longer serves us in our life, be willing to spend time in the abyss and then discover the new to move us forward.

When we think about the soul journey and the dark night of the soul experience, it is ironically the destroyer that will get us out of that space.......followed by the creator.  

The gifts of the Destroyer are:  metamorphosis, revolution, capacity to let go.

The goal of the Destroyer is:  growth.

The fear of the Destroyer is: stagnation, annihilation.  it fears not growing.

The task of the Destroyer is: to learn to let go.

At the highest level of evolution the destroyer has the ability to let go of anything and everything that no longer supports its values, growth and life.

But when we descend into the shadow side or the lower level of the destroyer, this is where we indulge in self destruction or destruction of others or things.

Someone who is an addict, or who indulges in self destructive behaviours, despite knowing it is not good for them is operating at a low level of Destroyer.  If for example, you know that drinking too many coffees, or eating too much sugar makes you feel bloated,  unable to sleep and depressed, yet you still continue to do it, (and handing over the responsibility for your health to someone else), then the shadow destroyer is in charge.

So, do let me know - I would be interested to you embrace the Destroyer at times or do you avoid it all costs?  It is not one that we would choose to be dominant all the time, but it is healthy for our soul to have periods of allowing in the destroyer to avoid stagnation.