The Ruler


We now meet the final 4 of the Archetypes; the Archetypes of the Return:  The Ruler, the Magician, The Sage and the Jester.

As we enter the return, we are typically building something, building our "kingdom", whatever that means to us.  In the first four, the Ego Archetypes, we are building our strong foundations and we are really connected into the physical world.  In the next 4, we meet the Soul Archetypes, this is where we go on an inner journey.  As we come out again, we meet the Self Archetypes, or the archetypes of the return. 

It is with these 4 that we find mastery and look at how we can integrate all we have learned on the inner journey of the soul into our "real" tangible lives.

As the warrior needs to learn to fight for what really matters and the caregiver to sacrifice only for what is essential the ruler needs to learn to use his or her power not to just achieve fame and fortune but to create a bountiful kingdom for us all.
— Carol Pearson

The gifts of the Ruler are:  responsibility, sovereignty, competence  and system savvy

The goal of the Ruler is: A prosperous and harmonious kingdom

The fear of the Ruler is:  Loss of control

The task of the Rule is:  to take responsibility for your life.

As with the other archetypes we can display characteristics of the Ruler at the shadow level and several higher levels of evolution.  At the shadow or lowest level - the ruler has controlling, rigid, tyrannical behaviour.  I don't wish to bring politics into my posts, but I am sure that we can all bring to mind someone who is displaying the behaviour of the shadow ruler!!  Also, if we turn our attention on the inside, even if we would not be like this with others, it is worth considering if we "rule" ourselves in this way?  We could be compassionate and understanding towards others but dogmatic, controlling and rigid with ourselves and our behaviour towards the self.

We can see this in our habits.  If for example we have a healthy amount of self discipline, we may choose to eat healthily, have an "exercise" or yoga practice that nourishes us and find a way to fit it into our life, or arrange our life around it - without being rigid.  If however, we are so strict with our routine and what we will or won't allow ourselves to eat, drink or do - to the extent that it actually becomes a stress rather than nourishment, this is the shadow ruler turned on ourself.

At a higher level of evolution the Ruler is fully utilising all resources, both internal and external and is concerned with societal and planetary concerns.

If we cast our mind back to the soul archetypes. the lover is committing to who or what they are passionate about; the seeker is searching for pastures new, the destroyer is letting go of what no longer serves us and the creator has the vision for what to now bring in.  It is the task of the ruler, to be practical and put the vision into action so that it becomes real, tangible,

The ruler works in partnership with the magician.  (We will meet the magician next). The ruler is grounded and works with the external, physical and tangible and the Magician is the conceptual and metaphysical.

If we think about a team - whether that is a team in business, a sports team, or a group of friends, the leader is the one who is displaying the ruler archetype.  The ruler here is the one who has the vision to see the big picture, and who would put structures and systems in place to ensure that the new vision, idea, outcome is created in a structured, disciplined way.

I am interested to know - to what extent do you take ownership and responsibility for your life?  

How comfortable are you with the Ruler?

How are you with rules and structure and process?


Next time we will meet the Magician.....