The Creator


We now meet the Creator. The Creator Archetype is the last of the Soul Archetypes and is partnered with the Destroyer.

When we become aware of our connection with the creative source of the universe we also begin o become aware of what we need to create.
— Carol Pearson

The creator is one of the Archetypes that helps us to get out of the abyss and start to have a vision and use our resources to create the vision that is calling us.  The creator has ideas to bring something into being or existence - something that didn't exist before.  The Destroyer energy allows us to let go of all the stuff that no longer serves us and the Creator then allows us to create our imagined reality.

When we can imagine or envision something that doesn't exist right now and then when we pay attention to inspirations we receive and follow them; take action - this is the creator at work.

When we work with the Ego archetypes our attention is focussed on others - or the outside, when we work with the soul archetypes, we pay attention to what is on the inside,  We can action plan the ego, we cannot action plan the has its own timetable :)

The Creator is also all about authenticity.  When this archetype is running in our neurology or our energy, it is important for us to show up and be real, and for us to be following our own vision, our own life path.  If we have a vision, and we "sell out", perhaps for stability, for money, to conform, or to not rock the boat - we are compromising our Creator.

The gifts of the Creator are: creativity (bringing something into being), vision, imagination, vocation.

The goal of the Creator is:  to create your imagined reality.

The fear of the Creator is:  Inauthenticity.  i.e. with artists who feel they cannot "sell out"  and thus may experience the starving but talented artist syndrome.

The task of the Creator is: To self-create and self-accept.  (What is it I want, who do I really want to be, what does it look like?)

At the highest level the Creator creates what he or she imagines and allows dreams to come true but at the shadow or lowest level, it can lead to obsessive creation and workaholism.

The energy of the Creator allows newness - without this (and the seeker) we can stay in one place and forecast and create our future using the same mindset, choices and ways of being as the past has been.  The creator allows us to dream, allows us to use our imagination.  The creator uses possibility thinking.  

For the Creator anything is possible.  

It could be argued that in some education systems, imagination is discouraged and we are asked to "keep it real", not be so ridiculous.....but a Creator would argue that until we believe in it, we won't see it.  In some institutions the Creator (along with the seeker and magician) thinking would be seen as a threat as it challenges the status quo.

The quote "If you build it, he will come" from Field of Dreams is a great example of Creator and possibility thinking.