The Magician


The magician is the natural partner to the Ruler; they both complement and conflict with each other.  The magician is about transformation and is a catalyst for change.  Typically someone who works in therapy, coaching or in business change will have high magician in their makeup......someone who is excited about change and transformation.....will resonate with this archetype.  As an another example, a talented landscape gardener or interior designer who sees something not how it is, but how it can be - is exhibiting magician traits.  (Just as the therapist or coach - sees not where the client is now, but their full potentiality - what is possible for them.).  As we have now met 10 of the 12 archetypes.....we can now see how the interior designer mentioned above would have high Creator mixed with Magician to create their masterpiece, whereas a life coach could have Lover / Seeker mixed with Magician.  

The power of the magician is to transform reality by changing consciousness..... Without the magician the kingdom cannot be transformed
— Carol Pearson

The gifts of the Magician are: personal power and transformation.

The goal of the Magician is:  To transform lesser to better realities.

The fear of the Magician is:  Misuse of power.

The task of the Magician is: to align self with the cosmos.

As with all of the archetypes - there are several levels at which we can embody and display the qualities of the magician.  In the shadow or at the lowest level, the magician is manipulative and encourages cultist behaviours.  At this level, the magician can use his or her charisma, to trick and manipulate others to become part of his / her gang or sect or revolutionary group...with the aim of either increasing his / her (perceived) power over others, or to create fanatacism or blind following of the "faith".  We see this in all areas of society. (From the leader of the  "in" crowd at school, to the tyrannical head of a company, to religion and politics).

However, at the highest level, the magician is aligning with the universal energy and consciously using and living: Perception is projection.  The belief here is that everything I see is a projection of what is on the inside.  So if we find we keep attracting people into our lives who are deceitful....then we have to turn inwards and ask ourselves, to whom or when are we deceitful?  Who do we lie to?  (A quick tip here:  often this person is ourself!! - we may always have integrity and be truthful with others but frequently lie to ourselves).  Similarly if we admire or respect a quality in someone or a business, then we will have that quality as part of our makeup - we have to have it to be able to recognise it.

When we consciously and consistently practise Perception is projection we have an opportunity for personal (and spiritual) growth with every single meeting or conversation we have.  If we believe it is never about the other person, but purely a reflection of part of ourself, we give ourselves the opportunity to "learn the lesson, integrate and change"  (This is a big topic and one I am passionate about so I will write a full blog post on this soon!!).

At the next level down - at a level that many of us may identify with easier -the magician is about grounding inspirations by acting on vision.

In business, an excellent consultant (esp business change) would have high levels of both magician and ruler.  If we have too much ruler -then it is my way and my way only and sticking to the rules......if we have too much magician it can result in bringing about change for the sake of it, and not grounding it in reality.

If we think about the tale of King Arthur and Merlin, this is a perfect example of Ruler and Magician working together.

On a personal level, if we demonstrate lots of magician (without ruler) we can be busy transforming but lose ourselves in others kingdoms, we need the ruler to build our kingdom.  (In mythical language we use kingdom, this can represent your home, your business, your project.....something over which you have sovereignity and where there are strong borders / boundaries).

So do you recognise the magician in yourself or others? :)  I would love to hear from you.