Do I have to be flexible?


"A yoga retreat?  It’s not for me!  You have to be an expert in yoga to go and it will be full of serious people navel gazing that I have nothing in common with."

"You have to be super flexible and fit to do yoga"

Over many years of running retreats, these are a few of the objections I have received from people before they book…..

So first of all - do you need to be an expert at yoga? Absolutely not, and also I would find it really hard to define what being an expert is anyway.  For me, yoga is not about precision in poses, being able to place your leg behind your head or do a complicated forearm balance……(because I will let you into a secret, I did the first one for the first time this year and I really struggle with forearm balances).  Yes the asana are an important part of yoga, but for me it is the change, the transformation you notice in your relationship with yourself, your body, your life and your emotions and behaviours that is far more important.

So no, you do not need to be an expert in yoga, and if fact, I would go as far to say, if you consider yourself an expert in yoga, my kind of yoga and my kind of retreat is probably not for you.

Everyone is welcome, even if you have never done yoga before, and wonder what it is all about - but something inside of you is interested to know more.

I welcome everyone who has a sense of curiosity, a sense of humour, is open to trying new things, and is ready to perhaps meet themselves for the first time, or to get to know themselves on a deeper level.

As for being full of serious people, navel gazing - again not true.  For those who know me, either personally or through taking part in my classes and events know that I am absolutely passionate about the transformational and healing power of yoga and I am on a path of always learning more…….but I am not serious. I believe I have the healthy balance between going deep and allowing ourselves to not take ourself too seriously either.

Many years ago, when I first started teaching, a prospective client called and we had a chat about yoga.  As we were finishing the call, she said… last thing - I am really serious about my yoga; before I come to a class, I need to know that you are too.  I hesitated….and wondered how to answer.  I answered from my truth - and said:  Maybe I am not the right teacher for you.  I am truly passionate about yoga and sharing the wisdom and magic of it - but no, I am not serious!!  

I have been to many of Ally’s retreats abroad and her day retreats, the reason I keep coming back is because Ally has such a welcoming and warm nature. She’s a great teacher and I learn a lot from her both physically and emotionally. Yoga makes me strong and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way. I also have a giggle in her classes and love the music she plays, she really knows how to make yoga fun!
— Lorna, Luton

So ladies, can you breathe? 

Do you have a body?  

Are you interested in exploring a bit deeper and don't already have all the answers?  

Are you able to be kind to yourself? 

Do you have a sense of humour? 

Then you are the perfect person to join me on a retreat.