Trust the journey


So being raw and honest and open here. I am having a bit of a challenging time right now.  It looks like the space where my studio is, is going to be sold and thus I lose my studio.

Deep in my heart I know it is time to move on (and for you lovely regulars to my studio) please note this does not say move away - it says move on - or step up.  I have had a dream for many years as some of you know, to have an amazing holistic centre, I can visualise every part of it and I know that it will happen. 

I absolutely love my current studio and the community of lovely yogis who have gathered there over the years. But maybe it has become just too comfortable, too familiar.  I love the small classes, I love the intimacy and friendliness we have created together, and wherever I move to, it is important those qualities are still there.

It is funny how the universe works as over the last week especially, I have received so much spontaneous feedback from you saying what it is you get from my yoga classes, that you feel it is emotional healing, that it goes so much deeper than you were expecting, that it is accepting of all, and challenging all at the same time.....that you feel it is your sanctuary in a busy week or busy life.

I love what I get to do every day.

I know it is time for a change.

I know that had this studio not gone up for sale, then I would have stayed here longer, as it is working, it is rewarding and I love it - yet I am not growing, I am not moving closer to my vision.  The next step would have continued to be someday - next month, next season, after x or I am grateful to the universe for creating this situation for me to move forward.

I am excited about the future.

BUT - I will share with you, I am also scared.  

There is quite a bit of fear coming up.  Logically I know (and I believe) that this fear is not serving me - but it is not thoughts in my head, it is a clutching at my heart and a sensation in my belly - it is a physical primal fear.  I love spending my time reading or chatting about the Laws of the Universe and the more spiritual / esoteric stuff and I know this "stuff" works - yet right now, I am being challenged at the level of Muladhara, the root chakra, my foundations, security and safety or if you prefer, to the Basic Physiological or Safety / Security levels of Maslows Hierarchy of needs.

So my learning right now - is how can I keep my energy positive and looking forward right now,  How can I stay in possibility and positivity thinking with this going on.  I know I can do it and I know it is challenging me and causing me to dig really deep and find that inside.  I know that this in future will be a gift to share with my students and clients.

Right now, I am navigating my way through and it's a work in progress.

So these are some of the things that I am doing right now that help me to keep the faith, keep trusting:

1) A daily japa meditation practice. I'm using Ganesha mantra - om gan ganapataye namaha

2)A daily yoga practice for me.  When the things are shifting in the world out there, I find my mat is my safe, positive place.  It allows me to feel grounded, safe and connects me back to what really matters to me.  It allows me to shift my thinking.  Also, as I practice and know my body, I notice how it feels different on some days and how my emotions affect how my body feels and vice versa.

3) I read and listen to inspirational stories.

4) I keep a regular journalling practice. 

5) I ensure I spend some time outside every day.

6) Choosing who I spend time with and connecting with my tribe of like minded people.

Interestingly enough this is also giving me an opportunity to let get really clear on my vision for the future and let go of all that no longer serves me.  Some things I have clung onto for security - but I now realise they no longer feed my I am making decisions going forward on what nourishes me, what feeds my soul....what is in alignment with my authentic self and what is taking me closer towards my vision.

Someone said to me once - every thought you have; every action or decision you take is either taking you towards your vision or away from I am checking in on that one!!

There will be more to come.........but I would love to know - how do you keep the faith then things are scary?  How do you trust the journey?

Allison xx