Status Quo or Status GROW


So.....I love change, I love transformation, but I also admit, I am a bit of a control freak!! I have only just admitted that to myself!  Maybe years of being solely responsible for a child, my business and my life, that quality has helped me - but that along with my fierce independence has caused me to believe that I have to do everything and I probably have to do it alone.

This is in conflict with my beliefs of us living in a friendly universe and having faith and trust in the universe supporting our growth. How can I be in control, have a strong purpose and direction and trust the "how" and the "when" to the Universe? This is something I am enjoying integrating and realising it doesn't have to be one OR the other - we can have both.

However, the reason for this blog - a recent change in my business circumstances has caused me to dig deep, examine my values and beliefs and notice how I and others react to change when we haven't initiated it - or maybe not directly!!

When I was in Bali in 2016, one of my intentions at the time was it was time to step up and realise my big vision. I loved what I was doing, but realised it had become comfortable and was no longer challenging me to grow.  But I couldn't quite see how I could do it and so I changed nothing. Familiar to any of you?

Quite a few things happened between then and now - an interesting dance with the universe and manifestation and all valuable learning - but fast forward to now.  The building where my current studio is, is up for sale and thus I will lose my existing studio soon. 

Ahhh panic - now what?  All those years building my brand and my tribe. I am so fortunate, I have such an amazing group of regular yoginis who come to class with me and many have become friends over the years. One of my passions is to create a community and it is really important to me that I create a space for yoga, that facilitates transformation, where my tribe feel safe and nourished, where they know they can show up whether they are feeling amazing and energetic or exhausted and emotional and all will be well. 

I love what I do and the immediate response is to try and find somewhere similar so that I can emulate everything I have now in the new place.  Phew - then I can breathe again and all will continue as it was before.  All sorted!

Or is it?

If I had done that, wouldn't I have missed the point?

Wouldn't I have missed the opportunity to step up and grow?


I would have just been moving to a different place but everything would have been the same.

As this is my sole source of income, this would appear to be the most "sensible" thing to do.  But, if I am not taking that is an opportunity for growth (both for me personally and for my business) wouldn't I be doing a disservice to my students and clients?  So I am spending some time digging deep into my business, noticing the types of classes and work that inspire me the most, noticing the ones that inspire you the most........clarifying who are my ideal clients  / students and redefining or refining my WHY.

Why do I do what I do?

What is the passion behind it?

When I have these answers and more, then the next phase of Allison and Inspire can emerge - to serve you better.....

I am excited about this process and using all of my courage to do this.  As we approach the New Moon it is the ideal opportunity to let go of all of the beliefs, tasks, classes etc that I may have been holding onto for security and safety and make choices to support the future evolution of Inspire Yoga.

I am wondering though - when something similar to this happens to you, when you encounter unexpected changes in your circumstances, what is you first course of action?  Is it to do something to maintain the status quo and create more of the same, or do you use it as an opportunity to create "status grow" take it as an opportunity to look at the way things have evolved and check in - is this still in alignment with your personal or professional goals and vision - or have you drifted along.  Sometimes when we drift and take our eye off the goal or vision, a series of small changes in the past could have caused us to deviate way off our you dare to take action to readjust your course and put yourself back in the right direction.

Or, as we pause and take stock of where we are - we can discover that the person who had the vision or goal several years ago is very different to the current one - wonderful; it is time to re-envision and reset your path and destination.

These transformations are what add juice and aliveness to your life.

Let me know how you get on.....

If you would like some help with this....please get in touch as I currently have just 3 spaces available for coaching clients. I am a depth life coach, meaning that I work at the deepest levels: Identity, beliefs and values and above.  I only work with people who are ready and willing to take personal responsibility and want to be challenged to step up into a bigger version of who they are. Excited, inspired? Contact me here if you would like to find out more.