Who are your tribe?

As I have grown older and become more comfortable in my skin; and as I have got more and more involved in the yoga sangha; especially the Prana Flow community with amazing teachers such as Delamay Devi and Alessandra Pecorrella; I have really felt that I have found my tribe, found the place where I belong and found the groups of people I want to hang out with.

Those people who are also soul searching, who are looking for the magic in the universe, are interested in nourishing mind, body and soul and who love to laugh and find joy.

As I was growing up and at times in my adulthood, I have felt like a square peg in a round hole.  I have always been OK with not being (or feeling) the same and have actually enjoyed standing out, not conforming and being a bit different.  But at times it has also been lonely; times when I have wanted to spend time with like minded people but have been unable to find them.

However, it is interesting how those people are often very close in our own neighbourhood. When we dare to stand up, show up and say "Hey this is me", then others do so too.

I always remember very early on in my teaching career, after a class....in a place where I kept it more physical and was wary of bringing in the spiritual because of the location.  At the end of a class, one of the lovely ladies handed me her business card with her cheque. On it was the most beautiful hummingbird and I discovered this lady was a shaman.  This was the last place I expected to find someone like that.  We had both recognised someone who we wanted to connect with.  Since then......it has been a gradual building of community and connection both locally and throughout the world.

Technology means that even when we are not physically close we can still find that connection and community.  (I am still working on manifesting the physical place - a meeting place of like-souls where we can hang out over amazing, vibrant food and juices - more to come on that!).

I now know that it is essential for me; like food to have a connection with my tribe.  It took some time.  When I was training as a therapist; I enjoyed the connection and deep discussions with fellow therapists but I also met a lot of "wounded healers" and very little humour.  I never felt particularly uplifted after those meetings.  

I remind myself frequently of Tony Robbins often quoted statement that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend most time with.

When I first heard this (from the man himself on a course where I did a firewalk - amazing); it really made me sit up and think.  Wow!!  Who were the 5 people I spent most time with - was I happy with my life being an average of these 5?  It is worth remembering that with social media, it is not necessarily the 5 people that we actually SEE the most of.  There maybe someone who lives the other side of the world; but who through social media, emails, webinars etc is one of your 5.  I would like to take it a step further and include that person, or people who you spend a lot of time thinking about in your head - they are also one of your 5.  

Do you want them to be?

I am reminded of a time, around the time of my divorce when my ex was particularly unpleasant. However, at the time, I gave over a lot of my mind space to thinking about him (and having arguments in my head with him).  A complete waste of time and energy!!  Anyone else do that??

So at that time - even though he was most definitely not someone I wanted to influence my life; he was one of my 5 because of the amount of time I was arguing with him in my head!

So my challenge to you this week.  

Who is in your tribe and who are your 5?

Where and with whom do you feel you can really be yourself?

Where and with whom do you feel inspired, uplifted, challenge, balanced, grounded or nourished after spending time with?

Do you have a tribe? If so, how much time do you allow yourself to connect with them.

We need this as much as we need food and water!

Who are you allowing into your circle of 5?  If you visualise your life 3 years from now being an amalgamation of the lives of these 5 people.....are you happy with that?

If not, change it.

I have been doing LOTS of work on myself lately and I am even more convinced that we live in a friendly universe and when we are clear and focussed it is amazing how the universe responds.

What you receive is a direct reflection of what you are putting out there.

More on that last sentence in a future post....

Lots of love

Allison xxx