How do you nourish yourself?


I have just returned from running another yoga retreat in Spain, and I realised how important food is to me and how sadly, a lot of people have stopped seeing food as nourishment and pleasurable but instead can see it purely as fuel, or at worse, as the enemy that needs to be controlled and restricted.

Isn't food one of the most pleasurable things we have in our  daily life.......and a time when traditionally we stopped work, we gathered together with family, friends, colleagues, peers and ate together.

In continental Europe such as Italy and France, the meal is still a sacred daily ritual, where people take the opportunity to pause, and to connect with each other and focus on the tastes, colours, aromas in front of them to make their meal a multi sensory experience.

However, I find that for many people that I know - food becomes either something that they mindlessly munch through whilst doing something else.......or they have spent the last few days planning it - so that it is balanced with their exercise needs or they have certain foods on the "good" or "allowed" list and others are on the forbidden or "bad" list.   I am not going to go deep into this here - and I could go on for ages about my view on diets!!  (Don't get me started!!), but as someone who LOVES her food - I am wondering where and how in your life do you nourish yourself?

Is it with delicious, healthy, colourful, tasty food?

Is it with your preferred form of movement - whether that is dance, yoga, walking, skipping?

Is it with a soak in the bath with your favourite essential oils and naturally scented candles?

Is it spending time with loved ones, cuddling and being close?

is it walking in nature, maybe through a wood, on the beach, maybe lying in the sun, or stargazing and moon bathing?

These are some of my things.....what do you do?  And can you allow yourself to nourish yourself, without feeling guilty?

What values / beliefs  or programming do you have about nourishing yourself?

At the moment, I am facing a pretty big challenge (or opportunity for growth) and yet, I have given myself the gift of doing some of the things that nourish me and I now feel "full" and in a much better place to make good decisions and to give to others.  (I will be honest, I have not always done this - in the past, such a thing could have led me in a downward spiral towards fear and negativity)

Just a few snippets of my week.......I have enjoyed a guided tour around hidden London, eaten the most delicious bread and humous from a hidden away Deli; discovered the Womens only pool in Hampstead Heath and had quiet time chilling and chatting, had a delicious smoothie in an amazing cafe, filled with all the people and things that I love; attended a fabulous evening workshop on Freedom in Flow with Shiva Rea in London, hugged, smiled, laughed and danced with friends from over the world, and had a wonderful lunch outside in the beautiful countryside with a lovely special friend.

As I reflect, all of these things have nourished me massively this week - yet a few was not so much the "things" that I did - but my attitude and state of mind towards them as I took part.  

Even more importantly - it was the people I was with and sense of community that we experienced that truly nourished me.  So we don't need to travel to a distant place, or spend lots of money on an experience to feel nourished.......we can create that wherever we are with whatever we have. Now!

My invitation to you - as you go through this week, notice, what are the activities or people that inspire or nourish you? What are the thoughts, connections, behaviours that you have taken part in that make you feel a sense of being nourished, open and of expansion?  Also, notice what are the things and who are the people that are perhaps toxic for you and cause you to contract and close down?

As I now work on envisioning the next stage of my business idea.....I am definite that it has to include a cafe.....serving delicious colourful plates such as in this image!