The Jester


So finally we meet the last of the archetypes in this model - or could it be the first!  The jester could be likened to the Fool card in the tarot and the jester is the only archetype that lives fully in the moment.  He or she relaxes into the moment, goes with the flow and trusts in the process of life.  The Jester is not looking to the past or the future, but instead is only interested in the present moment.  He or she just wants to have fun - wants to lighten things up.  This archetype is paired with the Sage where there could be tension and also they could complement each other.  The sage is on a quest for the absolute truth and will search for this via learning - whereas the Jester just wants to play, to live in the moment and not take things too seriously.  Imagine for a moment, if you had one parent who was a sage and one who was a jester, how would that be?  I think it would be pretty cool.  If both parents were sage, it could get very intense and very serious - it would all be about learning and achievement and the answer or solution would lie in academia, or learning or proof of a concept......if both parents were jesters - it would be great fun initially - but actually nothing would get done and there would be no progress, or a sense of responsibility.  But if you had a balance of these two parenting you - it would be great (in my view!!)

Fools have a licence to say what other people would be hanged for, to puncture the rulers ego when the ruler is in danger of hubris, and to generally provide balance to the kingdom by breaking the rules.
— Carol Pearson

The gifts of the Jester are: joy, freedom, liberation.

The goal of the Jester is simply to Enjoy life for its own sake.

The fear of the Jester is lack of enjoyment

The task of the Jester is to trust the process of becoming (i.e. relaxing into life and just let it happen).

As with all the other archetypes we can embody the Jester at various levels.  At it's shadow level the jester can be self indulgent and irresponsible and at the lower level the Jester can believe that life is a game and it is to be played for fun.  However at the higher level as above, the jester has the ability to experience life in the moment - to be completely present with whatever he or she is doing.  

As mentioned above the Jester can be complementary to the Sage and when they are balanced we see the "Wise Fool" an archetype often embodied in our elder years.  We have completed lots of learning and it has now distilled into wisdom, we have the courage and depth to choose to accept some things and not others, the wisdom to trust ourselves and with the Jester, we can take ourselves lightly and approach people, events, situations and learnings with the beginners, enquiring mind - knowing lots and nothing at the same time.  When we ignore the fool, the jester or the novice part of us, we can become arrogant and dogmatic.

Another part of the Jester is to laugh at ourselves and be willing to ask "foolish" questions.

This is the last of the 12 archetypes in this model.....but more is to come......Now that you have read all 12, I would love to know if one or a few resonate with you more than others......or if some seem really alien to you.  Remember, none of these 12 are more desirable or better than another.......

Until next time xx