Dreaming, creating, manifesting - but what?

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We find ourselves right now, at a really important time where there is a window (or door!) of opportunity to get really clear on what we would like to manifest, create, dream or envision for our lives.

Wow - how exciting to use the most of the energies right now to get really clear and ensure we manifest exactly what we want.....or is it.......?  

When working with coaching and therapy clients - so many invest really heavily in their problems and could talk for hours on what is wrong - but when they are asked the question - so what would you like instead, what would you like to create, how would you like your life to be - most do not know.  I find that many are not able to clearly articulate how they would like things to be but could communicate very clearly on what is wrong and how they do not want things to be.

So, I challenge you - for the next 24 hours - check every single thought that goes through your mind, check in on every single word you speak out loud to another (or to yourself) - what are you truly communicating?

Take some time in silence and stillness (or whatever gets you into your internal state - it maybe running, dancing and yoga) and before the eclipse (about 7.20pm UK time Monday)....and imagine you could peep through the door into your future and create a magical one that supports you in living a happy and fulfilled life and enables you to fulfil your life purpose......and create that image very clearly in your minds eye.

What does it look like?

What does it sound life?

What does it feel like?

If this was your reality right now, what would be the first thing you would say to yourself when you wake in the morning?

What feelings would you be experiencing on a daily basis?  

What would your daily or weekly routine look like?

What would be present in your life that is not already there?

What would be missing that you currently have in your life (that doesn't serve you?

I challenge you to take the time to actually DO this and reply in the comments and let me know what you are manifesting - there is something powerful about saying it our loud to the universe!

I have been fortunate to have had several wonderful conversations with friends and colleagues over recent weeks and one theme that has come up so many times is that a lot of people are lazy! They simply are not willing to put the work in to change their inner lives.  Quite a lot of people are willing to do the outer work to make changes in their life, maybe they will enroll on a life changing course, ready to start a new career,  maybe they book once in a lifetime adventure, maybe they even leave a dysfunctional relationship......but they are not willing to do the inner work.

The inner work doesn't cost anything financially - but it does take consistent self enquiry, consistent self reflection, listening, noticing, accepting and wondering......It can be hard work.

It is empowering and rewarding; it is challenging.  It often comes up at completely inappropriate moments; we cannot schedule a day or time for it in our diary..........but if we are not willing to do the work; it doesn't matter how many courses we go to, how many new skills we attain, how many therapists we see, or how many grandiose expressions of change we make.....at the end of the day we return to our own set point.

I write this with feeling!

Over the years I have attended many amazing and not so amazing courses, sessions and experiences; i have successfully complete fire walks, bar bends and board breaks.  All amazing feelings of inner strength, confirmation of the power of the mind.....but until I really did the inner work - nothing actually changed!!  Although outwardly I was achieving - it was still all being done to cover up that deep feeling of not quite being good enough.

The deep inner work has no "ra ra" or fanfare to it - there is not an end point or a certificate of accomplishment - there can be some aha moments and there can be a slow trudge where nothing seems to be changing - but still - take daily consistent action towards become more whole.

I challenge you to do the inner work!

Do answer the questions above and post them!

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