What's your first thought and first action of the day?


What is your first thought of the day?

What is your first feeling of the day?

What is your first action of the day?

Ok - so aside from the essentials that we all do when we wake up and go to the bathroom....I wonder if you can consider for a moment, how you wake up and as realisation that it is a new day sets in - what then happens?  What thoughts, memories, emotions and stories start to fill up your mind as you transition from sleepiness to wakefulness?

If you're in the UK where Autumn seems to have appeared early, one of your first sensations maybe how warm and cosy your bed is and how chilly it feels outside. If that is the case, do you have gratitude for your comfy, warm bed or agitation and frustration that you have to get out of it?

Do you start the day slowly and deliberately, consciously and positively or does it at times resemble the opening scene to Four Weddings and a Funeral...:)

The way that we start our day affects the rest of our day and you DO have a choice over those thoughts / feelings / beliefs / emotions that come into your mind and your body.......because IF you don't - who on earth does?  So choose them wisely.

When you wake up do you automatically continue with the story / drama / soap opera  / thriller from the day before - or maybe it is just another chapter of the saga of your life!  

EVERY single day, we can choose to CHANGE that story.  Even if it has been part of our past from as long as we remember, we ALWAYS have a choice to change that story.  (More on that in a later blog).

Make a choice. As you wake up, what is today going to be like, perhaps give yourself just one adjective to describe your day.  Make it a juicy descriptive one and avoid those such as busy.  Will it be exciting, enlightening, challenging, loving etc?  Have some fun and choose your modus operandi for the day.  If you have chosen serene and balanced and notice yourself being agitated, playfully nudge yourself and notice what you need to do to be serene and balanced.  Maybe another day if you know you have a heavy workload or you have some mundane tasks that have to be completed, maybe you would adopt playfulness for your attitude of the day.

Once, you have taken the time to consciously choose your thought patterns, beliefs and patterns about the present moment and the day ahead, next bring your awareness to your actions.

For many, one of the first things we do is switch on a phone, check social media so we are immediately into reaction and we have also relinquished those precious first few moments of intimacy with life to the whole world - you have allowed the whole world into your mind and your bed - before you are fully awake.  Habits such as this, can adversely affect our day, week and life as we allow the "other" in, we become reactive before we have had a moment to check in with how we are really feeling.

So.....try this just for a week and if you don't feel better, then you can stop, but I am sure you will notice a difference.  Take some time to wake up, maybe stretch a little and make your favourite morning drink before checking emails and instagram or Facebook. Instead take some time to be with yourself, really notice how you feel - physically, mentally and emotionally and set an intention for your day.

I love to journal and my journalling first thing in the morning (and sometime last thing at night) is one of my favourite parts of the day.  It enables me to be grounded, balanced and connect back into who I am, how I feel and what I want.  If there are days when for some reason I do not get an opportunity to do this, I feel ungrounded, indecisive, reactive and out of sorts all day.  

When things are changing (as they are for me right now) and when things are really busy - these can be the times when we allow these little rituals to slip - but in my experience, it is at these times that we need it even more.

If you do it already, let me know your experiences, if you don't give it a go and let me know how your day or week was different.

Allison xx