Escaping the chains...

catherine-mcmahon-10118.jpg a challenge for you as we approach this full moon.

Often we want freedom, we want to release the chains that bind us, we want to move out of that situation, that career, that job, that relationship, that environment that confines us.....

We dream about all the things we would change if that were to happen, maybe we dream about the ideal relationship, maybe we envision the perfect lifestyle travelling the world, maybe we dream about the new career or entrepreneurial  idea we have, or maybe we are yearning for a simple lifestyle, being connected to nature, growing our own food, having a supportive community and few material needs.  Whatever your dream is, whatever freedom would mean to you - you can complete your own unique scenario here.

However.......I challenge you that maybe at some point in the past (and it may still be continuing right now) you are telling yourself a story about how hard it is, about how it is not possible in your situation, at your age, in your town, in your career blah blah.....and so you have yourself created those very restrictions that prevent you from following your dreams.

Are we creating our own chains that bind us and keep us dreaming but not having the courage to actually make it happen?

Just think about that for a moment.

In all I reflect, I know I have done this.  I have had a very long held dream and vision about creating an amazing vitality centre. I have bought the domain name and I can picture every single detail of it.......I am so ready for this dream to manifest, to materialise.  I am so ready to step up, rise to the challenge and watch as this next baby is nurtured in the womb and given birth to.  Yet, as I look back I can see how I have also sabotaged this happening.  I am so passionate about this..........yet in the past there have been times when I have had moments of self doubt.  Is this really something I can do?  Can I actually make this happen? Who am I to think I can do this?  Maybe I won't be able to make it work......maybe nobody will come.......and so unconsciously I have created events and situations that have prevented me from moving forward with this.

I have done this via various means - I have created or taken on projects that have served me in the immediate term but have taken me away from committing time and energy into my dream.

I have allowed myself to be distracted by others dreams and visions or dramas and problems and have given my time and energy towards those people or situations.  Of course, I am not saying we don't help, support and nurture others - but do we do this to the detriment of our own dreams?

So this full moon I invite you to do the following:

1) If  there were no limitations, if everything was possible - what is your dream? 

2) What does freedom look like to you?

3) What chains or constraints have you constructed (albeit unconsciously) that have kept you from freedom? you read this, you may want to go back to my Archetypes series.  I am someone who has high Seeker in my makeup and so freedom is a really big value of mine - and something I need in my life to feel alive and inspired.  However, if you have a low seeker and you like routine, structure and knowing how things are going to be, you maybe reading this and thinking - what is she talking about?  Why would I want freedom?  Surely it is so much better to have plans, routines and structures?

Even just writing that last paragraph is so alien to me - but to some of you, reading the rest maybe equally alien.

So....if freedom isn't your think - perfect, no need to worry about this...........but just one thing........take a moment and ask yourself if that is REALLY true - or are you too fearful of the choices that you could make it you had freedom and spontaneity and so you create a very ordered, structured life in order for you feel safe?