How do you know when you are ungrounded?

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So far it has been an interesting and somewhat challenging start to 2018.

Background Story

After a wonderful retreat @suryalilayoga with some gorgeous open-hearted Goddesses, I came home and moved to my dream home; ready to step up and move into the next stage of my yoga business and my life.

Half way through unpacking boxes my brother was taken critically and suddenly ill and the last 10 days have consisted of hospital visits and dealing with all of the scary emotions that situations like this bring up for us.

Thankfully 🙏...he now seems to be on the road to recovery. However....there is always an opportunity for growth; a time to reflect when life throws us these curve balls and reassess what is important to us. As I finally returned home this weekend; I realised that I felt totally ungrounded and was in desperate need of some grounding, digging my toes in the sand or the earth and re-connecting to my body and my yoga practice. Even as a yoga teacher, and as someone who often tells others...when we are challenged; we need our practice more...yet so often; at these times we can turn away from the very practices that keep us grounded and connected.

I’m aware that through the trauma, sleepless nights etc...I too let go of my spiritual practice that has become a way of life to me over the last 10 years...but stronger for the last 2-3 years. As soon as I grounded, rolled out my mat and started to practice I immediately had a sense of “coming home”. Temporarily I lost the peace of mind this practice gives me but it has also served as a reminder to me of the power of yoga and the healing benefits. It has also been a reminder of when I lapse in my regular practice; how it can be easy to fall back into old patterns or be dragged into others dramas.

I’m feeling so much gratitude that

a) my brother is recovering

b) I have the amazing gift of yoga in my life and the absolutely amazing, loving, caring, open hearted, generous tribe of friends around me. 💖✨💖

How do we know when we are ungrounded

1) It maybe different for all of us, but for me; I know that I am ungrounded when I start living in my head too much.  My intellect and my rational mind are my "safe spaces" and when things get challenging, I am aware that I check out of my body and go to my brain and mind as these are familiar, safe and more certain!

2) When I am ungrounded and disconnected, I find I am more reactive and I feel less in control of how I am feeling and am both overly affected by the emotions and ways of behaving of those around me and give my power away to allow those to affect my state of mind and my emotional state.  So when I feel I am being "overly emotional" or irrational then I know I need to ground more.

(Who else notices the paradox in these two points above - I both retreat to my logical mind AND become overly reactive and emotional).

3) I am also clumsy and awkward.  When students say I am elegant and graceful, I still often have to do a bit of a reality check as when I was younger I was often teased for how clumsy and accident prone I was. It was true.  (When I got married my work colleagues started a book on what minute of the ceremony or day I would fall over.....I didn't disappoint). However, at that stage in my life I was not embodied and lived from the neck up and was mainly unaware of my body....and being a tall woman with long arms and legs, that can make life interesting!

4) I forget things, and lose my thread in a conversation........what was I saying :).  Again a clue to me that I am ungrounded is when I become forgetful.....mainly because I have done tasks or had conversations where I am not fully present.

5) When I am ungrounded, I am also out of touch with my intuition, and my unconscious mind.  For me, my internal navigating system is how I make decisions and I trust my intuition.  Of course with certain choices, the options need to be run by my logical, rational mind, but when I am ungrounded, I find I am indecisive, as I am relying on facts, date or external validation to make a decision and not the internal compass.

In my next blog......I will take about some practices that I do to ground myself......but for now, I would love to know - how do you know when you are ungrounded - what are the signs for you?