What does it mean to connect to our Goddess Self?


Maybe you read this and think….yuk, cringe, Goddess self - does that mean tie-die and flaky, or you read this and think - yes, I am all about the Goddess.

I will confess that initially the “term” Goddess self had some negative connotations for me too and I pondered for some time whether to use it as a title for some of my work as I didn’t want to turn off my ideal clients. But after some rational discussions and soul searching, I decided to leave it as Goddess, to represent my work with the Divine Feminine.

I work with the energy of the ancient Goddesses and how we can integrate and embody their specific qualities to help us in our every day lives.

For example - when we are feeling stuck and can’t see a way or, or when we know we need to leave our current career / relationship but are struggling to find the courage, or when we find ourselves in a situation where there are so many “stories” / versions of the truth and we have lost sight of what is real…….in these situations we would benefit from invoking Kali and using her energy to help us in this situation. Kali is all about letting go of what no longer serves us, or transformation, of courage and the absolute truth. She helps us to see beyond the veil of illusion. She is one of the female warrior Goddesses.

When we work with Kali in a yoga class, we will connect into to Manipura chakra, to the element of fire and the physical area of our core, as we focus on releasing and connecting into our truth. It will be a strong practice and will generate heat - the fire of transformation!

If on the other hand we wanted to connect into our self worth, our value; how we connect to others or if we felt our inner light had gone out and we wanted to reignite it, then we would call on the energy of Lakshmi

In my work, I connect with a number of the Goddesses for specific challenges and times in our lives….in a way that brings this ancient knowledge into practical use in our busy 21st Century lives.

When we connect for the first time, or reconnect to our Goddess self…what does this mean to our every day lives?

  • This means drawing physical and energetic boundaries to protect yourself; it means saying NO to anything that is not empowering you or bringing you joy.

  • It means having a true sense of self worth and radical self acceptance.

  • It means feeling connected to your centre, so that you act from that place, rather than reacting when colleagues, partners, or children press your trigger buttons.

  • It means being decisive and having clarity - creating a feeling of having more space and time as you’re not “sweating the small stuff”

  • It means indulging in healthy, empowering life choices rather than self sabotage or destructive behaviours.

  • It means finding the courage (via Kali) to release what no longer serves you and being willing to stand in your truth.

  • It means finally getting on with that “thing” you have been procrastinating about for ages…whether that is an exciting new business idea, travel plans, home renovation, joining a gym, creating a self care ritual.

  • It means more harmonious, loving relationships with partners, family and friends.

  • It means giving yourself permission to experience pleasure, to live a sensual life.

I could continue listing for pages…..everything you can imagine, every way you would love to feel - is POSSIBLE when you connect to the Divine Feminine within, to your Goddess Self.

If you would like to find out more you may wish to join me on one of my events or have a discovery call with me to find out more about working one to one with my in my Goddess Superboost.