Unsettled.......going through an upgrade!


I’ve been wondering whether to write this or not! But with Samhain approaching, and preparing for my workshop this Sunday with Yoga Leggs and Sarah Gregg, based on Kali, I thought it would be a good time to release all veils of illusion (that I am aware of - I am sure there are many more) and share some of what has been going on for me!

Like many of you 2018 has been challenging. I have moved twice, said goodbye to my lovely studio and had to deal with some issues that have triggered a lot of old patterns. It has certainly been a year of digging deep, of releasing who and what no longer serves and moving on.

I have had the opportunity (that is one way of saying it) of practising what I share with my clients and students and being willing to release the old and being OK with being in nothingness as I wait for the new to appear. So often, we want to know what the new “normal” is before we are willing to release the old way of being. As long as we do this, we are stuck.

I’m still navigating my way through this, being kind to myself, but I am feeling good.

I shared with a friend earlier today, I am feeling unsettled but I am feeling good.

It is as if I am on the verge, the precipice of birthing something new!

Maybe this is part of me, maybe this is a change in my business, maybe both but I feel a stirring of gentle excitement.

Is this familiar to anyone?

I am feeling like I am in an upgrade period, I am releasing and letting go of old programming, (from this life and others) and birthing a newer, shinier me.

Maybe it is the energies on the planet, maybe it is my age, maybe it is both or more…..but I know that I can no longer tolerate surface dwelling.

I need depth

I need spirituality

I need connection

And when I share this with my close circle of friends and some students and clients, I am hearing that so many of you are thinking the same.

So what does it take to step away from the crap, to step away from the illusions, to step away from the castles we build that imprison us and step out into our power, our freedom, our joy.

Is it self sabotage, is it fear, is it an inbuilt sense of needing to fit in, of wanting to be accepted that keeps us from living our truth?

Authenticity and being real are massive values for me.

I love discussing higher dimensions, consciousness, creation, past lives, healing abilities, Archangels, energy, and the power of the Goddess, possibility thinking…..yet at times I get irritated by myself when I hear myself selling myself short to agree with a general conversation going on that maybe about blame, shame, victim hood…… I am not saying I should try and convert others to my way of thinking and believing (but I do love a healthy intelligent discussion)……but why do I not remove myself from the conversation or relationship. I maybe quiet (unusual for me I know) or mumble a general agreement then return home with that really icky feeling inside as I know I have gone against my own values and beliefs.

However, I don’t buy into shallow woo woo - I am open to any amount of woo woo as long as there is substance behind it (and I know that a LOT of what I believe in and how I chose to live my life is complete woo-woo to others) and also I love to laugh!! I can take any amount of teasing and I think we can keep it lighthearted and dance between deep conversations about the universe and laughing until we cry.

So, Allison’s manifesto right now is: diving deep, the magic of the universe, other dimensions, deep healing and spirituality, laughter, handbags, anything turquoise, raw chocolate, great witchy friends, sunshine, Bali, Ibiza, yoga every wonderful day.

Are you in my tribe? Open to all deep divers, with a healthy questioning mind…..willingness to explore, to discover, to search for the truth, to be courageous, to chose growth and transformation, to have fun, to be childlike with wonder, a sense of playfulness and awe!

And it is all about LOVE xx