Happy Winter Solstice and welcoming the return of the light.


Happy Winter Solstice!

✨Happy Winter Solstice✨ to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Summer Solstice to all of my lovely friends in the Southern Hemisphere .

Here in the UK, we celebrate the return of the light today as we celebrate Winter Solstice....this is the longest night and the shortest day (but the long night tonight is also illuminated by the brightest full moon!!

The most incredibly potent time for manifestation and transformation!

Ensure you create some ritual tonight - with other like minded goddesses, priestesses, witches, or just wonderful friends....or by yourself.

Do ensure you mark this powerful time with ritual.

Like for many, 2018 has certainly had it's challenges for me and genuinely it has also been a time of massive growth, as I can see these challenges were all opportunities to shed the layers, the veils of illusion and fully step into my power.

These challenges have stepped up in the last part of the year and at times it may have felt like these were too much - yet deep inside, I always knew that I had the strength and power (divine feminine power) to see through the stories into the deeper meaning beneath and show gratitude for what I have been shown and see these as both a learning and the universe testing me to see if I was really ready.

I am!

Through the darkness of winter, I have been doing just what I encourage all of my clients and students to do and I have been going down and in. I haven't been part of the festivities through choice and instead have stayed with myself and the incredibly rich tapestry of my soul.

Through this time, I have learned to truly trust my intuition ( I thought I did before but this is at a deeper level).

I have reconnected into my Divine Feminine Power and it is immense.

I have been fortunate to have so many amazing teachers who have guided me and shown me the way - but it was not until I fully opened to this within myself that I got a kinaesthetic sense of it.

I am so looking forward to this evening as I complete my deep soul searching for this cycle and will use rutual to shed everything that doesn't serve me so that tomorrow morning feels fresh and new and I will start to re-emerge into the world with a commitment to myself to honour the truth within at an even deeper level....

So what does it feel like to be truly connected to source and your Divine Feminine Energy.

🌟a sense that time slows down
🌟embracing light and radiance
🌟being fully connected to the wisdom of your beautiful heart and acting in the world from that place.
🌟healing through forgiveness and acceptance 
🌟trusting in and living in the natural cycles of life, from the seasons, the moon cycles, times of the day.
🌟living in flow
🌟a sense of both being more connected ( to self and source), yet disconnected from drama and story
🌟an ability to step back and see patterns. Being empathic and loving without getting drained.
🌟being connected to your higher self and your infinite truth; living a life of integrity and authenticity
🌟by living in flow above, having trust.
🌟being comfortable in your skin and not looking for outside validation or approval.
🌟cultivating peace
🌟keeping your vibration high and by doing so, encourage others around you to do so too.
🌟being happy. Living in joy and approaching each day with childlike wonder

As we move out of one and into a new cycle, I am preparing this evening to allow any remnants of self doubt, playing small, shame, not good enough etc to be burned away and I look forward to the re-birth tomorrow morning into a fuller sense of me!!

Goddesses, share, let me know what you are doing and what is happening for you.

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