Do you stand in your truth?


So I have just written a long (and I thought pretty insightful) blog post about truth and my laptop had a little hiccup and lost it all!!  I will re-write now but the irony has not been lost on me!!  I was saying what takes us away from our truth and when things go wrong do we stay in our truth!

I was saying how for me my yoga is ALWAYS the answer and takes me back......I feel I am pretty calm most of the time - but as I saw my hard work disappear - I must admit - it wasn't Om shanti that I said, but instead F**K.....!!  Still learning to be done there then!  (and Mercury retrograde doesn't start until later this week!!)

So I was saying that last week I did a Durga Sadhana for myself about standing in my truth.  Durga is the deity or Goddess we call on for inner strength, for protection, for boundaries, for self discipline and for standing in our truth.  We can see her as a deity outside of us for us to learn from, invoke and embody and also all of those qualities are inside of us - not separate, but we may need to see them reflected in her or another before we recognise them.  All of the deities are the same as us, and have a shadow side!  The shadow side of Durga can be over-controlling, micro managing and the need to be in control.  She asks us to find the balance between boundaries, self discipline and surrender.  Just as with the goddesses we each have our own shadow and when we shine a light on it, and accept all parts of ourselves, we journey towards wholeness.  We are not always perfect, we get it wrong, we are messy sometimes ( I mean a bit messy in our psyche or our soul) but this is what makes us human.  Part of our Heroines Journey is to shine a light on and accept all parts of ourselves.

The parts that we may have disowned or that we have deemed unacceptable maybe our biggest resources. 

Before I explain a little more, I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

1) What is my truth?

2) Do I stand in my truth?

3) Who or what causes me to step away from my truth?

The first one is quite simple to answer - if we pause for a moment, what is out truth, what gives meaning to our life, what is important to us, what gives us the "why" to our life?  What are we passionate about.  Some of the answers I would give here are:  Love, compassion, inspiration, adventure, laughter, spirit, travel, authenticity, connection, freedom, yoga...there are many more......(I think chocolate is there somewhere too!)

However, the next one can be a bit more I stand in my truth?  If we look around at our life  - does it resemble our truths?  If not, why is that?  Are we being inauthentic and we have created a life to "fit in" or does our life reflect our real truth and the words we answered in 1) above were not our truth.  Where is there alignment and where is there incongruence.

Truth and honesty are big values for me, and I don't like or tolerate lies or gossip......yet I have been asking myself - do I always stand in my truth.  What about the times when we don't speak our truth to protect anothers feelings, to keep the peace - or are there times when we don't speak up as we are the only one in a group of friends  / colleagues who holds opposing views?  Where do you compromise your integrity?  Can you stand more in your truth.

I think initially this seems relatively easy - know our truth and live it - but can we continue to do so at all times?  Can we do it when we are tired, hungry, stressed? 

Or what if we have strong held truths but in one part of our life it is out of alignment - maybe in our most intimate relationship, we tell ourselves it is OK but our soul knows we are not being truthful, or we have high values on food and nourishment, yet we starve ourselves or binge from time to time (not just food, with love, compassion too).

Lastly who or what takes you away from your truth?  Maybe you know you are in a career or a business that doesn't support your truth and do well you step away from you. Perhaps you have a family member who triggers you and causes you to move away from your truth.....or conversely, they hold a mirror up to you and remind you what your truth is when you have stepped away from it.

When you step out of your truth - what takes you back.  For me it is simple (but not always easy).  The answer for me is always my maybe time on my mat, moving my body and finding the truth in a somatic sense, or it maybe "off the mat" and practising real yoga in my mind, my emotions and my actions in the world.

What is it for you?

Our souls purpose is to live it's truth and it is always looking for ways to take us back to our truth.  If things are always going wrong - we lose our job, a relationship breaks down, we have a dis-ease or illness.......where are we out of alignment and how can we now make choices that take us further towards our truth.

If you would like to explore this further, you may want to find out more about my Descent to the Goddess coaching program.