Moaning or changing?


Moaning or changing?

Blaming or choosing?

Hiding away or Stepping up?

So.....self disclosure first of all.  Despite making big, courageous decisions at the end of last year, despite taking action on these and despite shifting to another level of growth - I have been really challenged in the first 3 months of the year.  A lot of people had a rough 2017 and were looking forward to 2018; but I must admit I had a great 2017 and it finished on a high. So far, 2018 has presented me with challenges; which on my more positive days; I can see as opportunities for further growth.

I am sharing this, not for sympathy, but to say that with the choices above, I admit that at times I have fallen into moaning, blaming and hiding away (and a generous helping of "not good enough" too).

However, I know that these behaviours  and thought patterns do not serve me and fortunately, I have the tools to shift my perspective.  (As a side note on a training course many moons ago......where I learned and integrated many of these "tools".....we used to have a joke and say - OK...I have the resources and tools to deal with this - but excuse me for a moment as right now I need a bit of a moan and a rant and self pitying behaviour.....just for 3 mins, then I will come back to resourceful me). Sometimes a quick moan or tears can be a release and free us to move forward with more resourceful states.  However, for some people, this becomes their story.  We all know people who always seem to be having a drama going on or who are always unhappy about something.  In some way - this drama is serving them; more than no drama - or they would release it.

Remember Goddesses, we are all born whole and perfect.  Through life, we make certain decisions and choices and create a set of beliefs, some empowering and some disempowering....and we then construct a whole life around that belief set... and surround ourselves with people, events, situations that support that belief system.......even if it is NOT true!!

If you're not sure what your beliefs are - look at your life, look at the patterns and themes - ALL of them; what do they reflect?  For example:

If at a deep level you believe people can't be trusted, you will create relationships with friends, partners, acquaintances, colleagues, teachers who let you down and break your trust. 

If you believe you are not enough, you will create a scarcity pattern in your life, maybe with time, maybe with energy, maybe with money.....

If you believe: "life is hard work" or "good things don't last" or "I have to ensure everyone else is happy before I can be happy" or "I always have to be doing something to be valuable", or that "it's too good to be true" or "good things don't las".....all of this will be your reality.  So as we approach this retrograde - look at what patterns you are witnessing in your life and write them down..

If there is a have a belief that supports that pattern. 

You can change it.

However......because you have carefully created a life that supports any disempowering or limited beliefs......if you change the belief, you will need to make changes in your life too that support that change.  They may be massive changes or tiny.  This is why some people stay stuck and stay in blaming, moaning and hiding.......because they would rather things stay the same.

Of course that is a choice.

To choose sameness over change.

Or to choose safety (of staying with what you know) over growth.

We could say that is tough.  But I challenge you to look at it another way.  Isn't it more tough to lead an inauthentic life? Isn't it harder to live a life where you are only be part of who you are?  Your soul is always looking for wholeness. Being happy, healthy and abundant is your birthright.

What are you choosing?

If you would like to explore this further, to coincide with the New Moon I am launching a new group coaching  / masterminding program...."Getting in your own way".