Yoga Leggs

yoga leggs.jpg

Hi gorgeous yoginis!

I am so honoured and excited to have been asked to be an Ambassador for this fabulous brand:  Yoga Leggs.

As most of you know; I just don't do black!  I love colour and lots of it and so when I first stumbled across Yoga Leggs several years ago; I was so excited at the fabulous and fun colours and so I bought some of their amazing leggings.

And they are fabulous!

So, not only do they come in such an amazing array of funky colours and designs; they look fab; the slight compression is flattering on the legs, they have high waists that stay in place, no matter how much you are twisting or how energetic you are being and they are totally opaque.  Being practical, they wash well and dry quickly.

If you're not already a Yoga Leggs fan, I am sure you will fall in love with them too.

They also have a fab range of tops - I especially love the Goddess Gang one!

One very important factor to me is the energy behind the brand - Becki and Mandy are two of the most gorgeous, heart-centred mum-preneurs I have met.  They breathe their passion and it is such an enormous pleasure to collaborate with them.  I love supporting like minded local businesses that are following their heart and soul.

Take a look at their website or let me know what you love and I will order them in for you.