Queen, Take Your Crown


Goddesses, I am 52, in my wisdom years and feel more empowered, more energised, more inspired and excited about life than ever before!  Yet, the social conditioning is that this is a time to be dreaded and filled with unwanted symptoms. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 

There is another way and I am passionate about sharing it with you!!

This is our time for truly stepping into our power, to be become bolder, more comfortable in our skin, to even be a bit outrageous (what fun).  Menopause should be a celebrated time of initiation as we become the medicine woman, the wise woman and become the Queen of our lives.

This is how it is for me!!  As I approached my mid to late forties, I found my crown, wearing it tentatively at first - now it sits there comfortably! 

Finally I am the Queen of my own life.

So, Goddesses (and maybe that word makes you cringe too?), what do the words peri-menopause and menopause say to you?  Through all of the women that I work with and my friends and seekers on the path, I am hearing that for many this is a time of discomfort, apathy, low energy, aches and pains, depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain etc.

it seems like this is still even slightly taboo and accepted that this is just the way it is and our only choice is to just put up with it, or take synthetic hormones as we go on a slow decline towards old age!

NO, NO, NO!!!  It doesn't have to be this way and I don't believe it should be this way.

What if, instead, we were to see this as part of the Heroines Journey.  Here there is another threshold to cross, much like the one of puberty, but this time Goddesses, this is an initiation into our power.

We become the wise woman.

We become the medicine woman.

This is a time to be celebrated!

The word crone comes from CROWN.  Are you ready to take your crown and be the QUEEN of your life?  It's time to let go of the patterns that keep us small, and step away from conditioning that may have made us feel that we are less valuable, less worthy (instead of more so) so that we embrace, yes EMBRACE this empowered stage of our lives.

I believe there are certain portals, initiation stages in our life when we are called to take stock and see if we are living in alignment with our truth and expressing that truth in the world. I also believe that a lot of the symptoms we experience are down to unexpressed emotions and suppressing of desires.

Could hot flushes (or flashes) be anger needing to be expressed? Could it be a power surge, a hint of your true power that may have been suppressed? Could the symptoms of depression, or lethargy be because we sense that on some level, whilst on the outside our lives may look perfect or desirable, we know that at some point we have sold out to create that life…we have moved away from our authenticity.

From my work with Archetypes and the Heroine’s Journey this maybe because we have split from what we see as the wounded feminine, and thus aligned ourselves with the masculine traits of success, achievement etc. Outwardly we achieve, (and my generation were brought up on the idea that we can have it all - anything a man can do, we can do!). Yes on the whole that maybe true, but in order to do that, did we deny our femininity and thus our Divine Feminine Power. I know in my personal Heroine’s Journey I was aligned with the masculine of getting stuff done and achieving and I ignored or dismissed what I saw as feminine weaknesses.

What if instead we saw the incredible power and strength in vulnerability.

What if we saw that it is actually a weakness to appear to be strong all the time and not open to our softness. When this happens we often become brittle and push people away and then have a sense of loneliness as we have few intimate connections.

So as part of the journey towards peri-menopause and menopause, if we start to reclaim the lost and denied parts of ourselves and heal the inner wounds and connect to the Divine Feminine and then create a life on the outside that matches our internal landscape, then our soul no longer needs to give us symptoms to remind us.

The earlier we do this work, the easier this transition becomes.

I feel as we approach menopause we have another opportunity to check in and see if we are truly living our own life.

I could write for ever on this but just one more thing…..as women we need to change the perception that only youth and beauty is valued. What if we saw each stage of womanhood as powerful, unique, exciting and fulfilling? What if this started within and we broke down the barriers, the taboos and we became comfortable with this new stage and look for the gifts in it and celebrate it.

I love these wise words:

Women get more beautiful as they grow older. Not less. 

Female youth is only prized in modern culture because it doesn't represent as much of a threat spiritually to anyone who is frightened of divine feminine power. 

As women grow and mature, they call in stronger forces of sacred feminine wisdom. They vibrate with the creative power of their stories.

Sophie Bashford.

It is said that in our menstruating years, each month with the release of a new egg, we have the potential to create and give birth to a new life. After menopause, instead we create and give birth to our true selves, to the Queen.

I am so passionate about creating a tribe of women who see this as a positive, exciting, juicy, rich phase and who are empowered to realise we have a choice.

Who is joining me on the journey to find their crown and become the Queen, the sovereign of their own life?  What if you saw this stage as one to be celebrated, embraced and cherished?