Being normal and ordinary is so restrictive!! You were born to be extraordinary!


Would you rather be "normal" or "ordinary" and settle or would you rather be happy and seek out and create your own present and future.

OK, so I am going to be a bit controversial here.

I am bored with hearing women my age on online forums and in conversations moaning about the menopause.

I am horrified to notice that there seems to be a competition to see who can have the worst symptoms and have the most cr*p life. ( I kid you not).

I was so angry to listen into a podcast where the "expert" was saying that of course, HRT was the only option...

The worst thing is - that made me disconnect from the podcast in anger was when the expert was telling the audience to ensure we participated in some nice, gentle safe form of exercise, of course being careful that we didn't fall over!!


This was aimed at women "suffering" with the menopause and so (unless surgically induced) this could on average be from mid 40's to late 50's.

I am 53! I am fit, healthy and well.

There is nothing I can't do now that I could do in my 20's.

But this podcast sounded like it was aiming at 90 year olds. In fact I have had the pleasure of knowing quite a few very sprightly 90 year olds who still had a zest for life!

It is not an illness.

It is a rite of passage and our portal into our power.

Just as how we were sold the story of how synthetic hormone contraception would give us freedom and how we could and should be the same every day of the month.

So we are now being told to continue with hormone treatment to avoid the menopause.

Goddesses.....our cycles and rites of passage are our exclusive feminine power cycles. We are far more intuitive, psychic, spiritually connected, instinctual, POWERFUL when we are connected to our cycles, whether these are monthly or the cycles through our life.

There are times to turn inwards, to surrender, to trust, to connect to the earth and spirit and there are times to party and connect to our friends.

There are times to conceive a new project or business idea (or baby) and times to launch it, celebrate it, give birth to it.

The menopause, Goddesses, Wise and Wild women is when we have the opportunity to listen to the whisperings (and if we don't the screams) of our soul and what needs to be expressed in order for us to live the life we were born to do.

And if we don't our body, our friend, who wants the best for us, let's us know with symptoms. What if a hot flush or flash is a power surge, is the Kundalini energy rising?

What if it is part of the soul, the wild woman telling you to connect to and honour your instinctual nature?

What if it is the wise woman telling you to stop the noise, stop the busyness and for a few mins (hours / days/ weeks etc) to tune in and listen to the intuition.

We have another opportunity at menopause to let go of anything we have built up around us that is not in alignment with out soul.

There is so much RICHNESS in this phase.
There is pure GOLD and MAGIC, and WISDOM and POWER in this phase.
Let's dive deep and honour it.

I'm not ready for a cardigan and slippers!
No way.

I'm ROCKING the menopause, I'm having regular mani and pedicures, love travelling the world, treating myself to an extravagant silk scarf or fabulous handbag.
I'm not pretending I'm a different age.
I'm embracing this one.

Finally I am being the Queen and I am the SOVEREIGN of my life.
I choose
I am empowered.
I am not defined or validated by anyone else.
I'm wearing my CROWN.

So, are you being normal and being hypnotised into see this as a phase to be avoided or are you joining my tribe and ROCKING the menopause and embracing your POWER?

If a YES - sign up here.
I can't wait to work with you!

Allison KelseyComment