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Welcome to Inspire Yoga, intimate and friendly classes for women who are ready to glow. I'm absolutely passionate about the transformational power of yoga, and I'm amazed on a daily basis about the simple medicine we can prescribe for ourselves with a regular yoga practice.

However, you will find this passion and enthusiasm balanced with light heartedness in my classes. I'm inspired daily by my students, and my aim is that everyone leaves in a different place than when they arrived.  

You'll all be warmly welcomed - it's not about whether we can get our leg behind our head (I can’t) but more about if we're willing to fully show up and be willing to connect into our body and energy and just be. With no competition and no expectation!

I invite all of my students to show up and be real – and for us all to practise radical acceptance of self and others.

One of my common phrases in class – “if you fall out of a balance, make out it was part of the dance!”

Let’s find the joy in every day moments.


Group classes

The Maltings, Great Dunmow.

Tuesday: 7pm to 8.30pm.

Mixed level vinyasa flow.

The next block runs from 2nd April to 14th May.  £87.50 for a block of 7 classes (£12.50 per class) or £17 drop in if there are any spaces. 

I have just had 1 space become available (and possibly 2). Please message me if you would like it.

Mokshala Yoga Centre, Saffron Walden

Monday: 9.45am to 11am

Mixed level vinyasa flow

Thursdays: 9.30am to 10.45am

Slow, nourishing flow

Booking through Mokshala.

Private sessions

If you would like more individual attention then why not treat yourself to private yoga sessions.  These can be traditional yoga sessions or more of a yoga therapy session.  

One of my lovely private clients said to me last week: “your yoga is like therapy in motion or movement medicine.”  

Private sessions are £75 per hour for ad hoc sessions or £200 for 4 sessions taken in a 4 week period. 

Corporate & Workspace sessions

I teach yoga and wellbeing / personal development in schools to both students and staff merging topics about self esteem, focus and stress release around exam times.

As I spent almost 19 years working in the corporate world, I also regularly run “away day” or half day sessions in companies who are wishing to offer wellbeing to their staff. If you would like me to design a bespoke session or event for you, contact me below.


Bookings & Cancellations

Please sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know about new classes and events.  Please note that if you book for a course, block booking of classes, or pop up class no refunds are available and no credits are given for missed classes.  

However, if you find someone to take your place, you can transfer the course over to them. 

For private sessions 24 hours notice of cancellation must be given.


Any questions? Please contact me here.



A dynamic, energising, yet still deeply nourishing vinyasa flow class. With a flow class, the asana or poses are link by the breath and movement. There will be a theme or focus to each class, it maybe focusing on an element such as fire, a chakra such as manipura, a physical body part such as hamstrings or “heart opening”, or connecting into the moon phase.

My aim is that through the flow, it becomes our moving meditation and our medicine. If you are new to yoga, or have injuries or mobility issues, you will be best to start with a Beginners class or a Slow flow class.


This can be a more gentle class but each person can take it at their own pace. Whilst still a flowing class – there are less (or no) chataranga, and we spend more time getting into the asana. This class is suitable for all. It's a step up from Beginners classes but less challenging than Vinyasa flow classes.