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You’ve achieved success in your chosen career.
You have a great home and relationship.
You’re financially independent.


Something is niggling…something is not quite right.
But you’re not sure what it is.
You’re feeling unsettled, irritated or empty.
You tell yourself you have so much to be grateful for.
You ignore that feeling.

But it persists.

You pick fights with your partner / friend / parents  / children.
You zone out on social media.
You change jobs.
You move house.
You eat more chocolate / drink more Prosecco.
But it’s still there….

What are you searching for?
Who are you?
Where do you belong?
Who are your tribe?

Coaching Program with Allison Kelsey

YOU are NOT alone!

In some ways you are not unique either; 

We all experience that sense of unease bubbling beneath the surface that we should be happy, content and fulfilled but there is a niggle that something is missing.

Maybe we have climbed the career ladder, we have achieved what we intended to but it now feels a bit empty.

We are the generations of women that were sold the dream that we could have it all - and we do.  We have financial independence, we have influence, we have a voice, we may be respected in our chosen career.

We are incredibly fortunate.
As women in the Western world, there is nothing we can’t do.

Anything is possible.

How amazing!?

But something is not right.

You have that feeling that somehow you have sold yourself short to achieve those things.

But you don’t know what it is.


You may have betrayed your soul.

You have lost your connection to the feminine through this sense of achievement.

You have achieved success and supposed fulfilment by following a masculine path and embracing qualities that were traditionally masculine.

Yes you can do anything a man can do……if you choose to.

But we ARE different.

Women are wired differently to men. Neither is superior and the masculine needs the feminine and the feminine needs the masculine… we need balance.

But it has been hard to find a blueprint or a journey guide as to how you can operate out there in the world, whilst being true to your innate feminine nature.

You are not desiring to go back to how it may have been for your parents and grandparents, and being the woman at the hearth of the home who was nurturing and comforting.

But neither can you deny your need for collaboration, community, relationships and the cycle of your emotions, whether that is a monthly cycle or the cycles of the year from season to season or the cycles throughout your life.


As women we are not consistent!

This is one of your strengths not a weakness.

There are times when it is natural for you to be motivated, inspired, out there, partying, being sexy, being the leader, running businesses and being strong and empowered.

There are also times when it is natural for you to be more inward focused, more deeply connected to your emotions, more nurturing of self or others, more in need of deep sleep and more in touch with your intuition.

There are times for doing and times for being.

Through a generation of ignoring nature, the signals of our body, birth control pills, competing head to head with men…..we have sacrificed our divine feminine nature and are paying the price with dis-ease in our body or mind.

The Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell is a call to adventure, a call that something needs to change and the Hero departs on a journey towards individuation.  We could say the masculine or heroes journey is up and out.

But that doesn’t fit for you either.

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The call for a woman, the call to embark on the Heroines Journey is the call to go in and down… descend into the darkness to reclaim those lost and denied parts of yourself.

Allison 8.jpg

It is not pretty; it is not easy, it means facing those parts you have consciously or unconsciously discarded, but once you feel that sense of unease, or itch or dissatisfaction, it does not go away until you make the journey.

You may try to ignore the call.

You are too busy after all.

You have deadlines at work, you are late for your childs parents evening and you have friends over for dinner and the house is a mess.

You simply don’t have time for the “luxury” of going in and down and deep.

But then you find yourself at one of those crucial change gates in your life.  It maybe the children leave home for Uni, it maybe you didn’t get that promotion that you so wanted (and deserved) it maybe your marriage breaks down, it maybe the loss of a parent or close relative or it maybe illness or redundancy.

You are forced to put the brakes on.

You accept it is time to go on your Heroines Journey.

You accept you can no longer go on as you are and the call to be all of who you are is now stronger than the desire for safety and security.

You feel lost

You are in the wilderness.

You feel betrayed.

You are ready to take the journey……but you don’t know where to start…..

White Mandala

Allow me to be your guide…

When I experienced one of my “wake up” calls…..I no longer found satisfaction and fulfilment in the corporate world.  So I took the first step on my journey as I stepped away from the corporate world….I tip toed (and sometimes dived in headfirst) into the world of therapy and the “mind body community.”

My intellect loved going deeper, I loved learning about Jung and it just made sense to my view of the world……….I enjoyed taking lots of training courses……and believing the next one was going to be the answer!!  

I wasn’t even quite sure what the question was, but still believed the next teacher or the next course was going to give me the answer!

White Mandala

I was searching, looking for something more but I wasn’t sure what.

I re-trained and joined the communities of therapists……and soon become involved in the world of incense, patchouli, crystals and tie-die!

I was still searching….

The pendulum had swung too far the other way - that didn’t feel right either.

I was a woman, I was on a journey exploring and reclaiming lost parts of myself……but I felt alone and lost in the wilderness.


I wavered between the two - trying to return to my old corporate life mentality and then diving into the tie-die goddess movement.

I didn’t really fit into either.  

I could pretend and nobody apart from me would know!

I bet YOU are good at doing that too!

I had had enough of being a round peg in a square hole…..something deep inside of me was calling me and telling me I was good enough and just perfect as I was and I no longer needed to bend and twist myself to fit into someone elses mould of how I should be.

You know that too don’t you?

Yes I love flow, I love the archetypes of the Hindu Goddesses; I love gorgeous silk harem pants, I love my mala beads and bracelets; I love the sensual movements of our hips in dance, I believe in the power of the divine feminine……

Yet I still love a power shower, fabulous handbags, luxurious bedlinen….a fabulous new haircut and a decadent pedicure. 

Inspire Yoga Coaching Program
White Mandala

It had to be real. 

I wanted deep, feminine, spirituality and I wanted real and grounded.  

I wanted to connect to my fabulous feminine sisters in the tribe but I still loved  and appreciated men.

I wanted both.

I knew I had to go deep and down.

I wanted to be empowered, feminine and inspired

I wanted passion and presence

I needed to be true to who I am!

Through my research and chatting with the amazing tribe of women who join me on my retreats, I KNOW I was not alone in wanting and needing this…….

White Mandala

There is a path that combines both of these.

It is NOT a compromise, but a perfect marriage between the two.

You CAN be divinely feminine, connected to the spiritual AND pay the mortgage and continue in your chosen career.

You CAN live a life of deep meaning, true to your SOULS PURPOSE AND enjoy the finer things in life.

You CAN have healthy relationships whilst honouring YOUR TRUTH.

BUT it means you have to be willing to go on the journey.  

You have to be willing to take the internal journey.

The Heroines Journey.


The Journey

If you are being called to take the inner journey but you haven’t got a clue how to navigate the territory…..then allow me to be your guide on this exciting, transformational, magical journey towards wholeness.

Allison 25.jpg

As this is DEEP and POWERFUL work I can only take on TWELVE clients each year as a journey guide…..

Will you be one of them?

If this is calling you this is how we will work together on this Descent to the Goddess Program.

Together we will take the Heroines Journey and as we do so we will be invoking and embodying the various Goddesses that will empower us in each phases….

Think deep, feminine and spiritual and real, powerful and grounded!!  

You can have BOTH -  It is not either /or!

We will journey through the stages of the Heroines Journey as below but because each of you are different…..this will be personalised and unique to you.

No two journeys will be the same.

Expect challenging questions, tasks to do each week (these may vary from journalling, taking an indulgent soak in the bath, standing up for yourself, taking a huge step forward in your career or business, taking a walk by the sea, having a challenging conversation, mirror work, etc)

Descent to the Goddess with Allison Kelsey

Each session is bespoke and individual..

as each of you is unique!

We may invoke, embody, integrate the energies of Durga, Saraswati, Kali, Lakshmi, Parvati & some of the lesser know goddesses such as Radha or Dhumavati as is most appropriate for you.

Your unique journey will be highly personalised and bespoke as we work with the Goddesses that are most appropriate for you on your souls journey and where you are right now in you life, (whether that is getting stuff done in the physical world - like the next step on the career ladder / next stage of growth for your business, or more in the mystical as you listen to your souls stirring, or both.)

We will dive into the cycles and circles of life as a woman, whether that is our monthly cycle, the circle throughout our life, the seasons, the moon phases, the time of day and how to live in synch with our inner rhythm.  There is a time to sow and a time to reap...let's ensure we are taking time for both......

Coaching Program with Allison Kelsey

What the package looks like:

After an initial consultation to see if we can work together, the package will consist of:

An intake form with detailed questions written in such a way to start the process.

12 x 60 mins coaching sessions.

Journalling prompts to complete between the sessions.

A recording of your session.


A beautiful journal for you to do your processing and journalling in.

An opening guided visualisation.

A personalised closing visualisation

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Who is this for:

This deeply transformational coaching program is for you if:

• You are willing to commit and do the inner work.

• You are at a stage in your life when you know something has to change but maybe you don’t know what it is.

• You are already in a period of transition and you are unsure of your direction.

• You’ve arrived at a place in life where outwardly all looks good but you feel disillusioned and unfulfilled

• You’re feeling a bit isolated or different in your friendship group or workplace but you know that the dissatisfaction is coming from inside of you.

• You yearn to go deeper on a soul journey.

• You sense you are being called to be more than who you are currently but may feel scared or unsure.

• You have a sense that you want to connect deeper into a sense of spirituality but don’t do woo-woo.


This program is not for you if:

• You want someone to fix problems for you.

• You enjoy being the victim and don’t want to believe you have choices about how you see the emotional storms we experience.

• You’re intrigued but don’t actually want to change anything.

• You don’t like anything with substance and are actually quite fond of woo-woo.

• You only want an intellectual experience without experiencing.


Please note this program is not therapy, it is depth coaching.  If you feel that private therapy may be more appropriate please contact me for details of my Breakthrough Sessions.

Coaching with Allison Kelsey

Your investment

As this is an intensive coaching program and to fully serve you; I can only take on a limited number of clients.

I have just opened up 3 spaces until the end of 2019.

The investment price is £2555*

So if you are a Spirited and Spontaneous Goddess and want to embrace the Goddess energy this year, then reach our now for your discovery call, and explore your souls truth to lead a life of joy, spontaneity, fulfilment, success, love and lots more!

*This program is 12 hours of coaching - 12 x 60 mins  of transformative sessions via Skype / Zoom

I’ve found that my clients get the best results when these are taken weekly.  However, allowing for life (and holiday), these sessions can be completed over a 4 month period.