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I get it!

You try so hard, juggling work, business and family.

You’re on the see-saw between living a life connected to your true spiritual self, and doing the laundry and keeping “normal” conversations and obligations going.

You love learning about the Goddess, the archetypes, you maybe occasionally practise mantras, journal, do japa meditation.

You get a glimpse of your true Goddess self.

But then you have a health scare or the kids won’t hurry up and get ready for school, or your boss / colleagues at work are being a challenge, or you’ve just lost your rag at the automated voice to online banking….

Your halo slips.

You don’t feel worthy of the title Goddess!

Maybe you feel you have fallen off the Conscious living / spiritual growth / healthy lifestyle wagon?

Coaching Program with Allison Kelsey

Time for a Goddess Private Retreat!

Stuff happens, and it is easy to get distracted from your path… fact it is part of the journey. But the difference is when you recognise that and take action to bring yourself back to your power, to a place where you have choice and where you’re living your life at cause.

You see, most people (and if you’re reading this, I know you are not most people) will revert back the “easy” route, and decide it is too hard to make changes, and dare to step up, to shine, to be successful, happy and living a life of ease.

They’ll take the well worn path and stay small.

But you Goddess, (even if you’re feeling a bit cringey at that title right now), you have a gentle stirring or a loud shouting in your soul telling you, that there is more of you that you’re ready to embrace and that your ready for a change, that you’re ready to step up and be seen.


If you’re still reading you’re one of the few who are ready to take inspired action and I would love to work with you..


Goddess….. it’s time for an immersion into the Goddess energy!

When we connect for the first time, or reconnect to our Goddess self…what does this mean to our every day lives?

  • This means drawing physical and energetic boundaries to protect yourself; it means saying NO to anything that is not empowering you or bringing you joy.

  • It means having a true sense of self worth and radical self acceptance.

  • It means feeling connected to your centre, so that you act from that place, rather than reacting when colleagues, partners, or children press your trigger buttons.

  • It means being decisive and having clarity - creating a feeling of having more space and time as you’re not “sweating the small stuff”

  • It means indulging in healthy, empowering life choices rather than self sabotage or destructive behaviours.

  • It means finding the courage (via Kali) to release what no longer serves you and being willing to stand in your truth.

  • It means finally getting on with that “thing” you have been procrastinating about for ages…whether that is an exciting new business idea, travel plans, home renovation, joining a gym, creating a self care ritual.

  • It means more harmonious, loving relationships with partners, family and friends.

  • It means giving yourself permission to experience pleasure, to live a sensual life.

I could continue listing for pages…..everything you can imagine, every way you would love to feel - is POSSIBLE when you connect to the Divine Feminine within, to your Goddess Self.


Imagine for a moment, waking up in the morning and as you start to move into your full waking state, you feel a sense of vitality, enthusiasm, excitement and joy about the day ahead of you….no matter what day of the week it is…yes even Monday. (Monday is actually my favourite day of the week as I am always inspired about the start of a new week and the opportunities and joy it can bring)

The Divine Feminine, the Goddess is about all aspects of yourself, from the female warrior to the lover, from the mother to the creator, from the medicine woman to the Queen, from the wise woman to the playful child.

When we invoke, embrace and integrate our true Goddess self, we live a life of love, joy and ease….

This is the choice I make!

Are you joining me?

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I’m ready to own my Goddess Super Powers.


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White Mandala

Goddess …..

Ready to feel:

Empowered, enthused, inspired, energised, conscious and healthy

What is a Goddess Immersion?

We will work together for 4 delicious hours on a bespoke Goddess Immersion session.

During our time together we’ll do whatever is necessary to get you back to your Goddess self, your true nature.

Our session could involve:

Archetypes, Mudra, Mantra, Guided visualisation, yoga, breathing, depth coaching, ritual, energy work and any other tools in my toolkit to ensure you leave feeling the Goddess you are.

I work intuitively with my private clients and no two sessions are the same….but I promise you will be glowing! me to be your guide…

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Coaching with Allison Kelsey

Your investment

It’s ALL about the Goddess, so we will meet in a gorgeous location, where you will feel like a Goddess as you enter.

It is important that we find a beautiful space to do this special, sacred work.

(If you’re not in the UK - reach out for details as we can create this via Skype but I would still invite you to make your space as beautiful as possible).

I will provide refreshments (tea, water, juice, healthy snack), and any “equipment” we need such as yoga mats, bolsters etc.

This full price for this special 4 hour bespoke Goddess Private Retreat is just £1297.

For the summer, I am offering 4 slots at the sale price os £997 as long as the session is taken before the end of August (or once the 4 slots are booked).

If you want to you fully embrace the Goddess energy this year and explore your souls truth to lead a life of joy, spontaneity, fulfilment, success, love and lots more….reach out, I would love to be your guide on this exciting and fulfilling journey.