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Dear All,

I have a vision to create an amazing Inspire Vitality Centre - we will have a couple of beautiful yoga studios (a solar and a lunar one), a couple of therapy rooms and a cafe that is the hub of the centre, where we will serve deliciously healthy vegetarian food and smoothies, juices, teas and coffees all prepared with love.  It will be a conscious cafe and you are all invited to join me.  In this heart of the centre, we will meet together to inspire, enthuse, motivate, learn, share and just be…..

It will be a place where we will have real conversations, where we challenge ourselves and grow, a place to go deep and a place to be lighthearted and laugh too. We will have conscious magazines, but no newspapers or TV.

Whilst I'm waiting to manifest this physically, I'm starting with an online cafe, so I can build a community with you lovely people.  

Let’s hang out!! 

I would love to meet you.

I will be posting here regularly with my tips of the day, my favourite tea that I'm drinking, a new recipe that I have found or even created, as well as beautiful yoga flows to fit in with the seasons, the mood, the weather, the moon phases etc.  

I’ll also hold a regular Q&A session, where I will invite you to send in your questions and on the topic of the week and I will answer them via video.

We’ll have a book club too - where we can read spiritual / conscious books and share our insights and ask questions.

I look forward to meeting you here, let’s make it a regular meeting place, where you can make yourself a cup of tea and listen in, or unroll your mat and practice with me, or bring along your journal to participate with me.

I'm so excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you!!

With love
Allison xx