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Sacred Wise Woman Retreat to Bali

  • Villa Tanah Shanti Ubud Indonesia (map)

Welcome to the Sacred Wise Woman Retreat in Bali.

Are you ready to be the Queen who takes her Crown?

Goddess…I see you!! You’ve been busy maybe building a career, growing a family, or doing what you feel you are supposed to, you have reached your wisdom years and all of a sudden you find yourself in the wilderness and you are not sure what is next.

You strongly feel there is part of you yet to be expressed. Inside you feel as energised, inspired and motivated as in your younger years, you feel equally as healthy and vibrant, yet you are crossing the threshold into the unknown and you’re not sure how to navigate this new territory.

You’re not ready to hang up your dancing shoes or slide into invisibility yet you sense deep inside that there is a change.

You’re aware of potent power bubbling up. In many cultures a woman is not considered fully grown until she reaches her wisdom years. It is said that in our younger years we have the potential to give birth to a new life each month but at menopause and beyond we give birth to our true selves.

Your soul is calling you to go deeper.

You know you have a greater purpose.

Your intuition is stronger.

You’re awakening to the wise woman.

You’re drawn towards the Priestess (even if you’re not sure who she is).

You’re drawn towards ritual and ceremony and embodied movement.

Now is your time to embrace the Wise Woman and Rise.

Join our small sacred group of just 6 goddesses and 2 teachers. Belinda and I are both Priestess, Wise Women, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Master and Intuitives and this is the work we have been training for in this lifetime and past lives.

It is the time for the Divine Feminine to rise and for the Wise Women to move into their power.

Power is often misunderstood, this is not power over others, but instead each of us standing up and fully embodying our authentic selves.

It is about having the courage to lift the veils and see the truth.

It is about living an embodied joyful life where we are both connected to spirit, have ritual as a part of our every day life and still live happily in the “normal” world.

Are you the Queen who is ready to take her Crown?

If you are called, we are inviting in just 6 women to join us on this sacred retreat. A 5 day sacred experience as we connect to the ancient wisdom, embrace it, embody and integrate it in a way that is authentic for each of us.

  • During our time together expect:

  • Daily prana flow yoga (think of a body prayer)

  • Rituals and initiations into the Goddess / Priestess energy

  • Sacred ceremony to connect to our guides and ancestors.

  • Deep healing on an emotional and spiritual level.

  • Cultivating a clear connection to source, spirit.

  • Releasing of old patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Lifting of the veil to see beyond the illusion

  • Guided visualisation and journeying.

  • …and more

This retreat experience includes

  • accommodation in huge twin share ensuite bedrooms for 4 nights, 5 days.

  • organic vegetarian breakfast every morning.

  • Evening meal on the first night and opening ceremony.

  • Celebration evening meal on the last night with powerful closing ceremony.

  • 2 treatments in the beautiful onsite spa.

  • A trip to a sacred site near Ubud.

  • Our own yoga shala and ceremony space for the retreat.

  • Unlimited filtered water and herbal teas.

Is your heart and soul ready to say YES?

If so, we would love to invite you to join us.

We both love to create small intimate experiences where each of you will be seen and will have the opportunity for deep transformation, body and soul nourishment and retreat time away from your normal life.

So there will be 2 of us, Belinda and I, and just 6 of you.

We are offering all of this for an investment price of just £1997.

The rooms are two master suites and 2 large bedrooms.

Special Early Bird Offer.

If you book before the New Moon on 31st July, we are offering a huge discount to just £1597!!

A saving of £400 off the Investment price.

Rooms will be allocated on a first booked basis.

We can’t wait to see which Wise Women step up and sign up and join us.

Is it you?

About Us..

About Allison

I’m a Priestess, Senior Vinyasa flow teacher, Archetypes Coach, Therapist and Reiki Master. I have been working with the goddess energy for many years weaving the Eastern and Western psychologies, and creates workshops and events with my own style of mixing the deep soul medicine with equal measures of sacred ritual and light-heartedness. I am deeply passionate about empowering women to connect to their truth and living their truth and I work with the goddess energy in a way that is both mystical and magical and practical for every day modern living. As I have reached my wisdom years, I am being called to work with women to reclaim the immense power in this potent time. Step through the portal with me.

About Belinda

All my life I have felt very connected to Spirit and all things that most cannot see or feel. After keeping this part of me hidden for quite some time I was called to be seen as my true self. I now work as an Intuitive Medium, Energy Healer and facilitate Women’s circles, wellness courses and initiate people into the healers realm through Reiki attunements. My calling is to connect people to the Spirit world and help each person to awaken to their soul self, I love helping people realise their life purpose, switch on their intuition and reveal their true self, empowering each other to step up and be seen in this lifetime.