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Divine Strength and Devotion of Parvati

  • Thaxted Yoga Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7 Stanbrook, Thaxted CM6 2NH (map)

This is the next in my series of mini retreats dedicated to the Goddesses.  Through flows, readings, ritual etc we will explore and embody the qualities of the Goddess.  As we explore the qualities, we will look at how we can integrate these into our yoga practice and into our life in general.  This month we explore the Devotion, love and fertility (in all ways) of Goddess Parvati.  She is the Goddess of Sacred marriage and is the supreme yogini.  She commits to a serious, dedicated practice (think of thousands of years holding tree pose) to attract her divine partner Shiva.  When they finally meet and Shiva succumbs to her beauty, they form the ultimate divine marriage...

She is both strong, independent and the loving consort of Shiva, the divine masculine.

As usual we will start the afternoon with a reading, a poem or a prayer, starting to move and open through our body before we move into deeper, longer held restorative poses and ending in a delicious yoga nidra.  As we dive deeper into the Goddesses, I increasing the time to 3 hours to give us an opportunity to explore via mind, body and spirit.

Give yourself the gift of a mini retreat.  The exchange is £37.50.  

Looking forward to sharing this time with you.