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Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari as Kundalini Shakti

  • Thaxted Yoga Hammer Hill Farm, Unit 7 Stanbrook, Thaxted CM6 2NH (map)

Goddess, this month we explore, embody and integrate the energy of Lalita Tripura Sundari, one of the Goddesses of Love; who embodies desire as the universal creative force. Desire, Kama is always the first seed of life. Lalita personifies desire in all of it’s form, starting with the cosmic desire that impels the formless unborn to explode into forms.

The most dynamic expression of Lalitas power is as Kundalini Shakti, the evolutionary power that sleeps at the base of the spine until awakened by the Goddess.

We’ll explore manifestation and using desire to bring the unmanifest into the manfiest, the formlessness into form. We’ll explore this through creative flows, mudras, invocations, guided visualisation and more.

Lalita also represents the Queenly embodiment of feminine authority, beauty and creativity and she embodies spiritual bliss and self realisation.

As usual we will start the afternoon with a poem, a reading, discussion or myth around the theme, before starting to open and move our body, building into creative flows before moving into deeper, longer held poses and ending in a delicious yoga nidra or guided visualisation.

As we work with one of the Goddesses of Love wear your favourite yoga clothes!

The exchange is £37.50.  

Looking forward to sharing this time with you.