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Queen, Take your Crown

  • The Light Centre 114 London Wall, Moorgate, London EC2m 5QA United Kingdom (map)

Goddesses; I invite you to join me in this deeply transformative sacred space as we join together for a mini retreat where we explore becoming the Queen of our lives and taking back our power, embracing the wild, medicine and wise woman. When we do so, we take our crown and wear it.

For many women we spend our younger years trying to fit in, or find our way and in doing so, we may turn away from our truth and end up feeling disempowered. We probably don’t consciously know this, instead we feel stressed, dissatisfied, unfulfilled and looking for the “thing” that is going to complete us, or be the answer.

Goddess, you are already perfect, powerful and you are all you need to be!

The journey for a woman is in and down - as we connect to the Goddess and use her power and bring it through in a way that is authentic and unique for each of us.

We each have a call - and inner stirring to take the journey. Many resist, and when we do, this often shows up as physical symptoms. I believe we have 2 major calls to adventure, one in early adulthood and one as we approach maturity. I am noticing this is getting younger. It used to be around 45, but now in many aware women this is mid to late 30’s. We have an inner calling to connect to a power within….and to lead a life in alignment with our truth. I believe when we resist this, our body manifests symptoms to make us pay attention. (These could be the symptoms of hot flushes etc from peri and menopause, or from digestive issues, or more serious dis-eases).

This is our most powerful time as women - it is when a portal opens for us to step from maidenhood into a fully empowered woman. When we step through this portal, our inner world has greater importance and significance and we know in our body and soul that in order to have a harmonious, loving, healthy, joyful outer life, we need to nourish our inner landscape!

When we don’t, we end up managing symptoms, we get disillusioned, we try to hold onto how things used to be and it gets harder and harder.

When we dive in, we are in flow, we are in the magic and we are co-creators of our life and our body.

We will meet together and combining my many years of experience as a yoga teacher, depth life coach, therapist, priestess specialising in working with the divine feminine and over our three hours together, I’ll create sacred space and we will meet together, to share, to open up to our intentions, moving into juicy and dynamic flows before softening into deeper held restorative poses, ritual and a deeply healing and powerful yoga nidra to end. We will invoke, integrate and embrace the Queen archetype as we bow and honour the Wise, Wild, and Medicine woman and all the others phases that have brought us to this rich and rewarding phase.

This will be held in sacred space and there will be rituals to connect to the Goddess both within and without.

This mini retreat is for just 9 Goddesses and the exchange is £49.

About Allison:

Allison is a Senior Vinyasa flow teacher, Archetypes Coach, Therapist, Reiki Master and Priestess. She has been working with the goddess energy for many years weaving the Eastern and Western psychologies, and creates workshops and events with her own style of mixing the deep soul medicine with equal measures of sacred ritual and light-heartedness. She is passionate about empowering women to connect to their truth and living their truth and works with the goddess energy in a way that is both mystical and magical and practical for every day modern living.



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